NRS 640-C regulates All Massage Therapists in Nevada - all Massage Therapists are required to be licensed in order to practice in Nevada.

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Professional LicenseNevada State Board of Massage Therapists (NSBMT)

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Business Licensing:

Government Relations Committee


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Chuck has been practicing massage in the Las Vegas valley since 2001.  He served on the AMTA-Nevada Chapter Board of Directors as Vice President 2004-2005.  Currently, he owns and operates Therapeutic Massage by Chuck in North Las Vegas, Nevada.  Chuck is also a certified Chiropractic Assistant and Nationally-registered Paramedic.



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Government Relations Updates


Regarding the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists (NSBMT):

Proposed Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) changes/additions:

On November 9, 2010, the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists initiated proposed changes to the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) regarding the massage therapy laws in NV, NRS 604C.

On February 2nd, a Workshop to further develop the proposed changes occurred (agenda).  Before this Workshop took place, your Nevada Chapter Board of Directors submitted a statement to the Workshop Members for consideration to include clarification of item D (proposed change/addition to the current NACs).

We encourage you to read the proposed changes as were Workshopped on February 2nd and, if you have comments, concerns, or opinions, please contact us at email hidden; JavaScript is required

Chapter Actions Taken: Email-noticed and -polled Nevada Chapter members -- collected and logged member responses -- drafted and sent to the NSBMT an email letter of Opinion describing support of proposed changes and requesting clarification of Item D regarding the regulation of a Managing Therapist at each Massage Establishment.

Activity: At the April 15th, 2011, meeting, the NSBMT did not vote to approve/deny the proposed NAC changes - instead, the changes were discussed and sent back to Workshop with suggestions.  Minutes of this meeting can be requested after May 15, 2011, through the Contact Us button at the top of the NSBMT's webpages.


Chapter Position Statement

issued in Public Comment to the NSBMT (April 15, 2011) - document

Regarding the 76th Nevada Legislative Session (Assembly and Senate):

Proposed Assembly Bill 335:

Proposes a 5% Service Tax be levied on a business's income for specified, provided services for Nevada businesses, including massage therapy services.

Chapter Actions Taken: Opposition letter drafted & submitted to Bill Authors/Sponsors Assemblywoman Peggy Pierce (District 3) & Assemblyman Joe Hogan (District 10)



Proposed Senate Bill 412:

Proposes massage therapy be regulated by the Board of Complimentary Integrative Medicine (BCIM)

Chapter Actions Taken: Opposition letter was submitted and is received by Bill Sponsor Senator Michael Schneider, Chairman; the Chapter Opposition letter was vetted prior to submission by the National AMTA Government Relations department.

Activity: Opposition letter issued by each the Nevada Chapter and the National AMTA office was confirmed received.  The current version of SB412 does not include massage therapy in its verbiage.  SB412 passed the NV Senate and is now on the agenda for approval/denial by the Nevada State Assembly.


Regarding the City of Las Vegas (Business License Department):

Proposed TXT-44754:  Proposes that medical doctors (offices/establishments) be exempt from the requirement of obtaining a massage establishment license to perform massage therapy services or contract or employ the conduct massage therapy in the space of a duly-licensed medical office.

Chapter Actions Taken:  Opinion letter was submitted on June 28, 2012, to the City of Las Vegas Planning Department who developed the proposed change in the business license code; the Opinion Letter was vetted prior to submission by the National AMTA Government Relations department.  An AMTA-Nevada Chapter-developed Opinion letter was submitted on August 13, 2012, to the City of Las Vegas Planning Department to address additional clarification issues that were put forth for passing in the Planning Committee stage on August 14, 2012.

Activity:  8/2/2012 - TXT-44754 is currently being workshopped by the city's Planning Department and will be re-presented for Approval to the Las Vegas City Council on August 14th to be updated to include more-clearly-defined qualifications for business and/or massage therapy practitioners that may practice massage therapy (as defined by NRS 640C) in a [business-]licensed medical establishment and/or for medical related massage therapy purpose.



The above legislation that is being addressed by the AMTA Nevada Chapter is in relation to the item's nature regarding massage therapy.  the Chapter believes there is a responsibility to report and respond to any legislation that poses a concern to its members.  If you are an AMTA Nevada Chapter member, please contact us at email hidden; JavaScript is required with your opinion on the items above so we may log your concerns, opinions, and suggestions.  Thank you

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