The position of Nevada Chapter Delegate is an elected Volunteer Position

  1. The new term for an elected Nevada Chapter Delegate (1, of 2 Total) or Alternates begins in or around May 2017 (TBD)
  2. Elections for these positions will be held at the next Annual General Meeting, in or around May 2017 (TBD), in Las Vegas, NV – Nominate yourself or another Graduate or Professional Nevada Chapter member

Some benefits:

  • Mentoring by other (NV) Delegates
  • Paid attendance at HOD/Convention (see Chapter Delegate Position Description)
  • Networking and developing an understanding of association governance processes

Some responsibilities:

  • Create a Proposal and/or Coach members through Process, if needed
  • Notice & Poll members of Proposals (Recommendations & Position Statements)
  • Represent NV Chapter/Members in HOD
  • Write a report of the HOD minutes for publication to members


Paul Lofgreen, LMT BCTMBPaul Lofgreen, Delegate 2015-2016 (2-year term) [Nominate]

Paul Lofgreen, LMT BCTMB BS-BA graduated from the Nevada School of Massage Therapy in 2011, and currently practices massage therapy at his own Mountain Top Wholeness Center, LLC, in Henderson, NV. He also practices outcall massage in Clark County and the cities of Las Vegas and Henderson. Paul is also an NCBTMB-approved Provider for chair massage courses and teaches CPR, First Aid, and Basic Life Support classes as an American Heart Association-approved Instructor at Complete Medical Consultants in Henderson. Paul currently serves the member of the AMTA-Nevada Chapter as their 2015-2016 Nevada Chapter Delegate in the national House of Delegates.  He volunteers in community-centered events and is also an accomplished Aromatherapist and Licensed Minister.

Eileen Charles, LMT

Eileen Charles, Delegate 2016-2017 (2-year term) [Nominate]

Eileen Charles, LMT, Licensed Aesthetician, graduated from the Southern Nevada University of Cosmetology in 1985 and from the Nevada School of Massage Therapy in 2014.  Eileen has worked with Spa Moulay at the Hyatt Regency in Henderson, Nevada. Currently, she works as a Massage Therapist at The Spa at Excalibur and does chair massage at resort pools and poker rooms with Casino’ssage, Inc, as an Independent Contractor in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Eileen currently serves the members of the AMTA-Nevada Chapter as their 2016-2017 Nevada Chapter Delegate in the national House of Delegates.

Alternate Delegates (2016)

Jacob Tiffany

David Otto

Brad Enerson



Nomination Form – Chapter Delegate

  • When you accept your nomination, you agree to be elected by the members to a 2-year term
  • When you nominate yourself or another member, you/they must accept the Nomination at the Annual General Meeting.
  • To be considered for Nomination, you/Nominee must be present at the Annual General Meeting.

Chapter Delegate Position Description

Delegate represents her/his Chapter members in the HOD and related activities, informs the Chapter of timelines, and facilitates the Chapter’s influence in the HOD.

  • Must be a professional member in good standing of the Chapter to which they are assigned
  • Must sign the AMTA Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct.
  • Agrees to uphold and abide by National AMTA Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Policy, Code of Conduct, Rules of Engagement, and Job Description.
  • Shall not be an AMTA National Board member.

Delegate is given authority by National Bylaws and Policies and through election by the Chapter membership.
Delegate is accountable to the members of the Chapter by virtue of election, and to the Chapter Board by virtue of funding, where applicable.
Term of Office
The delegate shall serve a term of office of two years, beginning at the same time as chapter officers’ terms. The delegate shall serve no more than three consecutive elected terms.
Delegate works with her/his Chapter members and fellow Chapter Delegates, as well as Delegates from other Chapters and the House of Delegates Operations Committee (HODOC), to follow timelines and carry out the assignments and charges applicable to the HOD function.

1. Delegate, in communication at all Chapter Meetings and through other means available, initiates member involvement in discussion of matters that may or will come before the HOD.
2. Delegate responds to Chapter Board and member communications on a regular and timely basis via phone, e-mail, or other appropriate means.
3. Delegate provides written reports to the Chapter Board as directed by the Chapter Board.
4. Delegate attends all Chapter membership meetings, and reports to the members and Chapter Board at those meetings.
5. Delegate maintains a working knowledge of materials provided for the HOD meeting.
6. Delegate prepares and reviews all necessary materials prior to meetings.
7. Delegate attends and participates in the HOD orientation and meeting and casts informed votes.
8. Delegate reports the actions of the HOD to the Chapter membership.
9. Chapters may assign additional Chapter responsibilities to delegates.

Time Commitment
· The time commitment averages about 2-4 hours per month.
· Delegate attends the Chapter Annual Meeting, Chapter membership meetings, Chapter Board meetings (as requested by the Chapter Board), Chapter Leadership Training, (as requested by the Chapter Board), the Delegate Orientation Meeting and the HOD Meeting at the National Convention.
Time commitment will be considerably higher during the annual convention.
Use of Organizational Resources
Resources related to carrying out the duties of this office:

· HODOC provides materials and training.
· Chapters may provide reimbursement according to Chapter Policy.

Vacancy and Succession
In the event of a vacancy, the alternate with the next highest number of votes in the previous election will assume the Delegate position.
Removal from Office
A Delegate may be removed from office for failure to:

1. Fulfill her/his duties and responsibilities (dereliction of duties).
2. Abide by the AMTA Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Policy, Code of Conduct, Rules of Engagement, or Job Description.
3. Keep AMTA membership dues current.

Removal shall occur in accordance with the AMTA Chapter Conflict Resolution Process.


Refer to the AMTA-NV Standing Rules for additional description


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