AMTA-NV Public Service Announcement: NSBMT Citation Policy

Revised late in 2012, the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy (NSBMT) published and distributed its Citation Policy that lists the fine amounts for infractions of NRS 640C for Massage Therapists and Persons.  Please note: the below list is not an all-inclusive schedule and may change upon action of the board during their regular meetings.

If you have any questions about the publication, please contact the NSBMT directly at their website or by email at email hidden; JavaScript is required.  The Chapter wants Nevada’s NVMTs and Public to know the infractions and the cost of those – fines are not collected or used by the Board and go to State of Nevada funds.


Practicing Massage Therapy

1. A Citation shall be issued to any person practicing Massage Therapy without a current Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists License.

2. A Citation shall be issued to any Massage Therapist that is practicing Massage Therapy with an expired Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists License.

3. A Citation shall be issued to a Massage Therapist that is practicing Massage Therapy without their current, valid Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists License displayed per NRS 640C.450.  (Examples of not posted:  In your wallet, purse, backpack, drawer or car but not limited to)

4. A Citation shall be issued to any person practicing Massage Therapy with an altered license.

a. If person has an altered Massage Therapists License with the NSBMT they will be scheduled for the next available Board Meeting for disciplinary action.

5. A Citation shall be issued to a Massage Therapist practicing Massage Therapy with a copied license.



  • A Citation shall be issued to any person that is advertising Massage Therapy without a Current Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy License.

Expired License

  • A Cease and Desist (C & D) Notice shall be issued to any person that is advertising as stated in NRS 640C.910 (2) with a minimum of a 15-business day compliance date.
  • A Citation shall be issued to any person that is currently advertising with a license that is expired more than 90 days. (R:8/13/2010)
  • A Cease and Desist Notice shall be issued for non-compliance of NAC640C.200 to NAC 640C.310 with a 15-day compliance date.
  • A Citation shall be issued to any person that does not comply with a Cease and Desist Notice on the first business day after the allotted time period has expired.

Schedule of fines; disciplinary hearings.

1. The Board adopts the following schedule of fines for any violation of the provisions listed:

A $150.00 Administrative Fee Applies to all Citations

Violation First OffenseSecond OffenseThird Offense
Practicing Without Having Acquired a License 500.001000.002000.00
Practicing With Expired License 100.00500.001500.00
Practicing Without Display of License 100.00150.00500.00
Altering License for the display of NRS 640C 1000.003000.005000.00
Copying License for the display of NRS 640C 100.00250.00500.00
Advertising Massage Therapy Without a License 350.001000.005000.00
Advertising Massage Therapy Without a Current License after C & D or 90 expired 200.00500.001500.00
Advertising Without License Number 100.00250.00500.00
On Probation Working Without Supervising Massage Therapist Present 200.001000.005000.00
NAC 640C.200 to NAC 640C.310 Establishment Violation (excluding NAC 640C.230(2)) 100.00250.00500.00
Unlawful Habitation of a Massage Establishment NAC 640C.230 (2) 1000.005000.0010000.00

SNHD transitions into new Health Card program requirements

As you may have heard, the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) has, as of January 2, 2013, discontinued its requirement of obtaining a “Foodhandler/Massage Therapist” category of Health Card.  Amongst the elimination of the health card for a number of other categories, Massage Therapists and Reflexologists are no longer required to renew or can initially-apply for a Health Card under these categories.

Dr. John Middaugh, Interim Chief Health Officer for SNHD, on January 3rd, 2013, officially contacted our Government Relations Consultant Sally Hacking with the news and she passed on the SNHD document declaring the department’s transition into re-purposing their resources to address more-focused Foodhandler and Body Art categories, among others.

The AMTA Nevada Chapter would like to remind Massage Therapists: the SNHD still recommends immunization through vaccines and the SNHD provides such services at low- or no-cost (to those who qualify) and that, as a Massage Therapist, your employer may be required to require you to obtain a Foodhandler-category Health Card if you are subject to food-handling in your employee responsibilities.

You may contact the SNHD with further questions at or (702) 759-1201.

Report: 2012 AMTA-NV Chapter State Convention: Traditionally Yours!

The Nevada chapter’s 2012 educational event and Annual General Meeting was held with its trademarked member meeting and continuing education opportunity again this year, but at a new venue for the Convention.

The Tuscany Suites & Casino in Las Vegas turned out to be a very good choice, according to some polled members, when it came to the site, room style, eats, and general feel for the purpose of a meeting and class.  The chapter was very happy to secure the venue in April and have Tuscany host the finer aspects of sleeping, eating (in the several restaurants), and attending in the conference area.

The day’s events started with a welcoming registration process (real easy!) including a Neighborhood seating style, some breakfast goodies and beverages, and some networking or just “howdayado”s around 8:30am, and a little after 9:00am the meeting started.

David Otto began the Annual General Meeting with some announcements and a brief introduction of the chapter President who took to the meeting agenda.  After introducing the game Let’s Play Monopoly! that members had played by email in the weeks approaching the Convention, Billie got into elections for Board of Director offices right away.  There was one Nomination for Chapter President – 1st Vice-President David Otto proceeded to be elected by the present membership to become the new President.  There were no other nominations for the remaining, available Nevada chapter Board positions.

The membership heard the 2013-2014 Chapter Budget presented by Treasurer Brad Enerson, who called for a vote to approve the proposed Budget.  It was approved.

Sally Hacking, the chapter’s Government Relations Consultant, made a live appearance by way of Skype and briefed the membership on the [recent and future] history of the amta nevada chapter’s activities and their renewed commitment to member information and professional support of massage therapy in Nevada.

During the meeting, Lisa Cooper, Executive Director of the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists, also spoke to the attendees about the happenings that the NSBMT is involved with and their goals for our profession in Nevada.

In between all these informational goings-on, we all played Let’s Play Monopoly! and gave away some great, sponsored prizes – check the minutes for the names of the members who won the other massage-related products or services from our 2012 Sponsors.  Yu Feng Chen won the Grand Prize provided by Massage Warehouse: a set of office equipment, including: massage table with bag, massage chair with bag, stool, and bolster!

Included in the meeting was the highly-anticipated National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork presentation about the upcoming (January 1, 2013) changes in their certification program – understanding the process of the new Board Certification was the target of the presentation…and how it differs from National Certification.  Philosophies, services, and paperwork were discussed surrounding the new certification process.  Please see the handouts for more information.

Furthermore, Billie Shea and Michelle Viesselman briefly re-introduced the Volunteer Cooperative program that is developing into a member benefit that places specialty-trained massage therapist members in clinical environments which can lead to employment and/or contract work.  Our members, in the future, may have the opportunity to learn medical/clinical modalities that can further their professional goals and help the community of massage clients for which the program is designed.

Recognition is a big part of why we have such a strong Board of Directors – these volunteers are members of the chapter that are dedicated to facilitating the informative and action-oriented goals and achievements in the past year, since the chapter’s last state convention.  Billie Shea was honored by her Board with a Certificate of Appreciation for her dedicated service, not just for the term she was completing, but for all the services, time, and expertise she has provided the chapter over the years in various, effective positions.  The rest of the Board was recognized for their outstanding service.  Kris Kelley was recognized for his volunteer work with beginning, developing, and maintaining the chapter’s Facebook group.

The attendees broke for lunch, and after an intense, packed Annual General Meeting, the break was welcomed!

Soon after lunch in Marilyn’s Café downstairs, the afternoon class attendees came back and more joined to hear the chapters’ own educators Billie Shea, Michelle Viesselman, and Brad Enerson give “Tips & Techniques from the Pros”.  Eight students spent a pleasant afternoon earning 4 CEHs from some experienced & talented instructors…and gave a few tips of their own!  The class was well-grounded in anatomical reference and the tools purveyed were techniques and approaches that can be used by the massage therapists in their practices.  Handout materials were distributed and at the end of the day, there were a lot of smiles.

The General Annual Meeting attendees were polled and agreed: Monday, June 3, 2013, has been heavily suggested as next year’s Convention date…and the venue?  We’re working on the Tuscany Suites & Casino Convention Center again!

We are looking for members who can and would like to spend some time either before the Convention to help plan & organize OR during the Convention to make things go smoothly for everyone.  Please email hidden; JavaScript is required – help us get started now!

Stay tuned for more announcements of sponsors, activities, and education opportunities – we look forward to seeing you in 2013!

For complete details of the Annual General Meeting, please review the June 4, 2012, Annual General Meeting Minutes.

Report by NV member David Otto
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Southern Nevada Health District proposes new, additional regulation for Massage Therapy

Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) notified the public of their intent to ratify regulation of Massage Establishments, Reflexology Establishments, [Independent/Outcall] Massage Therapists, and Colon Hydrotherapists on January 10, 2012, in Southern Nevada, comprised of the county of Clark.

The AMTA Nevada Chapter has reviewed the proposed legislation and can summarize the effects of the proposed regulation on its professional members [within the jurisdiction of SNHD] – following are some main points of the regulation:

  • Affects Reflexologists, [Independent/Outcall] Massage Therapists, Colon Hydrotherapists, and Massage Establishments.
  • In addition to all Massage Establishments, requires outcall “licensed massage therapists” and “licensed reflexologists” to hold a “massage establishment Health Permit”
  • Attempts to regulate Massage Therapists [and Massage Establishments] in the same manner as is currently legislated through NRS.640c and NSBMT NACs (staff on-site & equipment/safety/cleanliness requirements, fees & fines, and some professional standards)
  • States that each day after the first 90 that the regulations are in effect and an outcall massage therapist or massage establishment is not SNHD-permitted is a separate violation.
  • Cites “fees” for initial assessment, renewal (every XX year), and fines associated with violations and that non-compliance will predicate a cease-and-desist and/or revocation/re-application for massage/reflexology establishment health permit.
  • Requires “20 foot-candles” of light in a therapy room, 300% more light than in the NSBMT NACs of “5 foot-candles” of light in a therapy room.
  • Section 8.1.2 makes the “Responsible Person in charge” of a Massage or Reflexology Establishment responsible for undefined “other requirements” in addition to other regulatory body’s requirements for professional and legal practice of massage & reflexology.  Unresolved violations of keeping all permits, licenses, or credentials for everyone at the Establishment gives the SNHD the authority to shut down the Establishment until violations are resolved with each/every “affected agency of jurisdiction”.
  • New Build-outs/Construction of Establishments will have another jurisdiction (the SNHD) to apply through, propagating more [undetermined] fees and additional time frames in which initial assessments and inspections are subject to.
  • Does not outline a Schedule of Fees and does describe innumerable instances/conditions in which fees will be applied.

The AMTA-NV Chapter supports the current state licensure regulation of massage therapists in Nevada through the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists authorized and empowered by our State Legislature and Governor-appointed state massage board members affecting professionals throughout the state of Nevada AND local business license departments that regulate the taxation and safe practice of massage therapy through its application processes.  It is understood that the nature of the proposed regulation by the additional entity of the SNHD is redundant, provincial, and a duplicate credential that will be required for massage professionals to practice. 

Additionally, any verbiage in the proposed SNHD regulation regarding “Massage Therapy” may be removed to regulate Reflexology and Colon Hydrotherapy, so only one regulatory agency will have the authority to manage a profession/business category regarding massage therapy and the promotion of public health and safety.

For Concerned Individuals:

The AMTA Nevada Chapter strongly encourages its members, massage professionals, and the general public to evaluate the proposed impact of the additional regulation on the profession, practice, or patronage of massage therapy and RESPOND in an appropriate manner and timely fashion to the SNHD.

Responding to this proposed regulation is TIME-SENSITIVE – the last day that written opinions will be accepted for the record is February 2nd, 2012.

Contact information and a sample opinion letter are below.

The Workshops, at which public opinion will be HEARD, are in Las Vegas (Jan 30 & 31), Laughlin (Feb 1), and Mesquite (Feb 2):  Appear and be ready to speak your opinion according to the Workshop Agenda (below).

Resources for proposed SNHD regulation:

  1. PDF – public workshop announcement:
  2. PDF – public notice of proposed regulation:
  3. Link to online version of proposed regulatory rules:
  4. Sample Letter of Opposition: (download)
  5. Opinion Letter of the AMTA/Nevada Chapter (download)

Southern Nevada Health District contact:

Glenn D Savage, REHS, Environmental Health Director, PO Box 3902, Las Vegas NV 89127

If you have questions regarding this post, the proposed SNHD regulation, or the AMTA Nevada chapter, please contact Government Relations: David Otto at email hidden; JavaScript is required

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