2017 Changes to Nevada State’s Massage Therapy Law, et al NSBMT updates

This article was originally published as "2017 Proposed Changes to Nevada State's Massage Therapy Law" on 2/20/2017; it has been updated as of 6/5/2017. NRS 640.C governs the massage therapy profession and the professionals who are licensed by the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists (NSBMT). In late-2016, with their newest Executive Director, Sandy Anderson, the NSBMT asked Honorable Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton to sponsor a Bill that would primarily change the constituency of licensees holding professional licenses under the NSBMT. There are several additional points to the Bill, as it was written and Introduced by Assemblywoman Carlton, that, as massage therapists,…


June 20, 2014

Get Involved: Run for an AMTA National Elected Position!

Get Involved: Run for an AMTA Elected Position Serve your profession by running for an AMTA elected office on the National Board of Directors or the Commission on Candidacy! AMTA is a leader in advancing the massage therapy profession, and we're led by volunteers elected by our membership. Application Process Review the position criteria. Candidate applications will be available on July 1 and must be completed by Sept. 1. Take the following online courses (log-in required): About Non-Profit Associations, Responsibilities and Communications throughout AMTA and Risk Management for Associations. Once the courses are completed, fill out the online application packet. Once the Commission on Candidacy determines that you meet the…


May 18, 2012

Sponsors Show Appreciation for AMTA-NV Members at June 4th, 2012, Annual Meeting

At this year's 2012 AMTA-Nevada Chapter Annual Meeting, we're trying something new: Let's Play Monopoly! Participating in this email version of a classic game will help educate members (regarding some anatomy questions from Educated Touch and Thousand Petaled Lotus) and put members in touch with products and services from well-known and ever-supportive massage therapy and wellness industry Sponsors. Amongst this year's Sponsors and the prizes they are giving the members at the Annual Meeting during Let's Play Monopoly: Massage Warehouse:  NRG massage table w/ carrying case, NRG bolster, NRG stool w/ back, NRG massage chair w/ carrying case, and more!…


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