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AMTA Assembly of Delegates 2020 Business Meeting [Virtual] – September 15, 2020

Position Statements are the cornerstone professional beliefs of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) as decided by the membership population of over 90,000 professional massage therapists.

See all the currently Approved Position Statements.

the 2021 Agenda – each year the members are encouraged to formally propose Position Statement Ideas and Discussion Topics for the Assembly of Delegates to discuss and on which to possibly take action during their Annual Meeting. Statements that complete the approval proces may say something about Massage Therapy: how it can/may assist in healthcare-positive results with special populations or medical conditions – all claims are thoroughly-researched and -studied, created by members with the most-current, scientific data.
Annually, since 2006, Member-approved – through the Assembly of Delegates – Position Statements become the beliefs of the leading, non-profit professional association in the United States. This year’s Discussion Topics and Position Statement Proposal will be released to the membership – through the AoDAC and Chapter Delegates – approximately, in mid-August.

Read the entire 2020 Nevada Delegates’ report – by Elizabeth Benion and Ivy Adams

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Member Voting vs. Delegate Representation: the function of the Delegate is to represent the member consensus on the National floor of the Assembly of Delegates (AoD) each year.  Delegates poll the members, discuss the Discussion Topics and Position Statement Proposals with the members and take a Chapter consensus to the AoD.  When in the AoD Business Meeting at the National Convention, Delegates from all 51 Chapters have an opportunity to represent the support or concerns of their Chapter’s members and dialogue works toward a consensus of the state Chapters’ Delegates to vote for or against a Discussion Topic and/or Position Statement Idea. If needed and based on information discovered at the annual AoD Business Meeting, a Delegate may change his/her Delegate vote to reflect the best interest of the Chapter membership.

Who can be a Delegate?  Any Graduate or Professional AMTA member in good standing.  The duration of a Delegate’s Term is 2 years.

Who can write a Discussion Topic or Position Statement Proposal?  Any AMTA member.  Your current Delegate(s), Chapter Board of Directors, or fellow members can help you start and explore the process, edit, proofread, keep communication with the people that need to vet your document, and basically help you follow it all the way through the process. timeline

If you consider the impact that statements a professional association makes on behalf of its tens-of-thousands of members, to include empirical evidence and “by massage therapists, for massage therapists” method of governance, then it is truly a professional representation of who we are and where we stand – what we profess.

…for 2021: If you are interested in becoming a Delegate or just starting a Position Statement of your own: share it with us.  Let us help and represent you in your professional Association, on a National stage, and so you can practice what you preach in your own Practice.  Contact your Nevada Chapter Board today.

Current Nevada Delegation

Elizabeth Benion, LMT

Elizabeth BenionDelegate 2019 & 2020 (2-year term) [Nominate]

Elizabeth Benion, LMT, BS earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Phoenix and an Associates degree in Paralegal Studies at the McCann School of Business & Technology. She sought out the healing practice of massage therapy in 2017, graduating from Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) of Pennsylvania and becoming licensed to practice massage therapy in 2018. She is currently licensed in both Nevada & Pennsylvania. Presently she works full time as a consultant for a design/marketing company, A Mighty Group.

Elizabeth serves the AMTA-Nevada Chapter as the Chapter Secretary and 2019 Delegate.

Ivy Adams, LMT

Ivy Adams, LMTDelegate 2020 & 2021 (2-year term) [Nominate]

Ivy Adams, LMT, a native of Las Vegas, graduated Northwest Career College’s massage therapy program in May 1999; she’s the sole-proprietor of Holistic Birth & Bodyworks, a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 20 years, including a focus on women and children of all ages. During her career, she has earned specialty-certifications for Prenatal and Postpartum Massage, for Levels 1 and 2 of The Spurgeon Method™ – Therapeutic Breast Massage, and is NCBTMB Board-Certified.

Ivy is an educator at Northwest Career College in its Massage Therapy Program as a Senior Instructor for 15 years. Additionally, she homeschools her 4 gorgeous children with her partner, and is currently earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Arizona State University. She serves the American Massage Therapy Association’s Nevada Chapter members as their 2020/2021 Delegate in the Assembly of Delegates.

Additionally, Ivy is a Girl Scout Troop Leader and raises backyard chickens at her home in historic Downtown Las Vegas.

2020 Discussion of Assembly of Delegates (AoD) Proposals

Asking all AMTA-NV members for thoughts and opinions for the AOD Meeting

One discussion topic has been proposed for this year’s Assembly of Delegates Meeting which will be held virtually on September 15, 2020. Every year topics focusing on a wide range of issues affecting and pertaining to the betterment of our profession are submitted for Delegates to discuss and/or vote upon. The topic submitted this year focuses on ATMA volunteers. 

Delegates are charged with gathering chapter member feedback and determining a Chapter consensus on the topics and statement based on that feedback. Delegates present this information at the Assembly and use this information to guide their vote. The topic(s) and/or statement(s) that pass then become the approved beliefs of the AMTA.

We want to hear your support, concerns, and thoughts about this year’s discussion topic.

Discussion Topic

What do you think you needed to know that you didn’t coming into your AMTA various volunteer position(s)? 

Summary Rationale: 

The Governance Committee has been charged with looking at the purpose and charge of the Chapter Relations Committee (CRC) and determining if it should be updated. Governance is charged with making a recommendation to the National Board of Directors by March 2021.  One of the roles of the CRC has been to provide leadership training and a question arose as to whether this role should be expanded in its scope. Could it be utilized for additional leadership training at all levels of volunteering with the AMTA.  

The Governance Committee feels the AOD can provide valuable information around the types of knowledge that you as a volunteer need and/or needed for your volunteer positions within the chapter and at the national level. This includes not only the delegate position but any position you have held within the organization, both Chapter and National. Once gathered, this information will be reviewed by Governance and included in the information provided to the CRC as they work to make changes to the committee.  

Questions posed for Discussion in the AOD: 

  1. Considering the volunteer positions you have held within and outside of AMTA, what kind of training did you have for these positions?
  2. Knowing what you know now, what training would have been beneficial to you in your position(s)?

What will be accomplished with this discussion? 

Governance would like a list generated of the things that delegates feel would have made their appointment to a volunteer position (delegate as well as other volunteer positions within the chapter or national) easier. What kinds of things would have made fulfilling your volunteer duties easier? This list will then be compared and added to the information received from the NBOD, Chapter Presidents, and other Chapter Volunteers. It will be included in the information provided to the CRC to use in their work to further define the actions of the CRC.

Let Us Know your thoughts!

Do you support or challenge any of the ideas statements above? In what way would you like the AMTA to take a position on any or all of these topics?

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