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AMTA House of Delegates 2017 Business Meeting – Pasadena, CA – September 13, 2017

Position Statements are the cornerstone professional beliefs of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) as decided by the membership population of over 70,000 professional massage therapists.

See all the currently Approved Position Statements.

the 2017 Agenda – each year the members are encouraged to formally propose Position Statements and Recommendations.  There was one proposed Recommendation (for the National Board of Directors) in 2017 and one proposed Position Statement that the Association agendized for the 2017 House of Delegates Business Meeting and considered singularly adopting or denying & publishing as core beliefs the Association represents.

How did the Nevada Chapter members respond?

In a Poll, the Nevada Chapter Delegation sought members’ opinions about the above Recommendation and proposed Position Statement. The Questions were:

Question #1: “Whereas each AMTA Chapter currently receives no part of a Student membership’s fee to assist in making chapter programs more affordable and accessible to its entire member population,
do you support a national policy of disbursing “$10 per Student member’s fee paid” to the chapter in which that Student is a member?

Question #2: “Do you believe that massage therapy can provide significant benefit as a component of Integrative Health Care?

…and the results were recorded:

…and the Nevada Delegates voted as such, on behalf of its chapter membership.

How did the House of Delegate members vote?

Both the Recommendation (Q1) and Position Statement (Q2) Passed. This means that the National Board of Directors will hear & consider the HoD’s Recommendation (updates to come whether this gets activated into AMTA Policy) and that the HoD’s Position Statement has now become a core belief of the entire AMTA (posted here).

Read the entire 2016 Nevada Delegates’ report – by Paul Lofgreen & Eileen Charles – 2017’s report is coming soon!

Questions? Comments?  Contact your Delegate via email

Member Voting vs. Delegate Representation: the function of the Delegate is to represent the member consensus on the National floor of the House of Delegates (HOD) each year.  Delegates poll the members, discuss the Position Statements and Recommendations with the members and take a Chapter vote to the HOD.  When in the HOD at the National Convention, representatives from all 51 Chapters have an opportunity to represent the support or concerns of their Chapter’s members and dialogue works toward a consensus of the state Chapters’ Delegates to vote for or against a proposed Position Statement/Recommendation. If needed, a Delegate may change his/her Delegate vote to reflect the best interest of the Chapter membership.

Who can be a Delegate?  Any Graduate or Professional AMTA member in good standing.  Terms are now starting at 2 years…your commitment helps the National association and profession move forward.  It’s hard work, so you’ll get to take a break for a year before you can run again.  No need to step out entirely, though!  Continue to be active by supporting/mentoring the incoming Delegate(s), writing a new document, commenting on officially proposed document, connecting with other members who are developing official processes – they need all the help they can get, too!

Who can write a Position Statement or Recommendation?  Any AMTA member.  Your current Delegate(s), Chapter Board of Directors, or fellow members can help you start and explore the process, edit, proofread, keep communication with the people that need to vet your document, and basically help you follow it all the way through the process. timeline

If you consider the impact that statements a professional association makes on behalf of its tens-of-thousands of members, to include empirical evidence and “by massage therapists, for massage therapists” method of governance, then it is truly a professional representation of who we are and where we stand – what we profess.

…for 2018: If you are interested in becoming a Delegate or just starting a Position Statement or Recommendation of your own: share it with us.  Let us help and represent you in your professional Association, on a National stage, and so you can practice what you preach in your own Practice.  email hidden; JavaScript is required today.

Current Nevada Delegation

Jacob Tiffany, LMTJacob Tiffany, LMT – Delegate 2017 [Nominate]

Jacob Tiffany, LMT graduated the Professional Massage Therapist program at the Nevada School of Massage Therapy (NSMT) in August 2010 and then NSMT’s Master Bodyworker program in October 2010. He was granted professional license by the State of Nevada, March 2011.
Jacob has practiced massage therapy mostly in membership-based locations like Massage Envy, Massage Heights, and Elements with some day spa experience. He focuses his hands-on practice in sports- and injury-type massage therapy modalities and has worked with a wide range of athletes, including MMA fighters & body builders.
Jacob serves the AMTA Nevada Chapter as a Board Member, Education Committee Chair, Standing Rules Committee Member, and 2017 Delegate.

David J Otto, LMT BCTMB

David J Otto, LMT – Delegate 2017-2018 (2-year term) [Nominate]

David J Otto, LMT BCTMB earned his BA in English, Secondary Education in 1991. In 2001, he graduated from the Nevada School of Massage Therapy where he has also been an ACCET-accredited Professional Development Instructor for 6+ years. He owns/operates his massage therapy practice, Hands In Motion, since 2003 in Henderson, Las Vegas & Clark County, NV.
David has served the AMTA-Nevada Chapter as President[/Immediate Past President], 1st Vice-President, Delegate, and is currently serving as 2017 Delegate, Webmaster, and Education Committee member, and Government Relations Committee Chair – he has served on AMTA’s National Convention Planning and Mentoring Award committees, is serving on the National Awards Committee, is serving as an active volunteer with the Massage Therapy Foundation as Chair of the State Outreach Workgroup, and served as a Subject Matter Expert with the NCBTMB.

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