People visit the amta nevada chapter website for massage therapy information.  More specifically, the amta nevada chapter directs its members to the site for news, information, and a way to keep up-to-date with the massage therapy industry in Nevada and the United States.

We don’t believe that Adwords or random companies that are willing to pay top dollar to advertise to our visitors are what our visitors want to see.

This is where you come in.

As a massage-therapy- and/or bodywork-related business, the (non-profit, 501c(6)) amta nevada chapter values what you have to offer our visitors.  Normally, we get about 900 visits per month, which, in the big picture, is nothing like Office Depot or Starbucks.

We do, however, have a VERY targeted audience, where massage therapy and bodywork products and services are a BIG HIT!

If you are interested in being in front of 700+ amta nevada chapter members and a world-wide-web full of visitors that want to know more about massage and the values and activities that the Chapter has, then you’ve come to the right place to Be A Sponsor.

When you Sponsor the amta nevada chapter, you provide the fabric for the suit, the kindling for the fire, and maybe even the lotion/gel/oil/cream for that Swedish massage…quite literally!  You help support Chapter activities in government relations, in its operation, and the massage therapy community in Nevada that depends on the established reputation of an industry-recognized and -respected organization: the american massage therapy association.

We are interested in working with you to support a non-profit organization that caters to its members in Nevada.  If you are familiar with our Mission Statement or not (yet), just know: we do a whole bunch of stuff related to the massage therapy industry in Nevada.  But most of all, we represent a large, passionate number of professional & licensed massage therapists that need and want your massage therapy & bodywork-related services and products.

If you are interested in committing $150 in services and/or products for 1-year’s worth of website, publication, and print advertising..we are interested in partnering with you to get you in front of a very targeted audience.

If you are also or alternatively interested in Sponsoring a specific event that the amta nevada chapter is organizing, please let us know that event name in the form below.

Please submit this Interest form. If you are saying to yourself “This is a no-brainer!” then download your Invitation and Sponsor Acknowledgement form, complete it, and scan & upload it with the below form.  We will be in contact with you shortly, and we’ll be in touch – you with our members, and our members with YOU!

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A Partial List of Past amta nevada State Convention Sponsors and Continuously Supportive Companies:

Massage Warehouse ~ Biofreeze ~ Bon Vital ~ Gensco Inc ~ China Gel ~ Medical Massage Inc ~ Massage Pro Inc ~ the Center for Pain Management/James Waslaski ~ Cryoderm ~ Aston Kinetics ~ the Norri Institute of Healing ~ George Skaroulis ~ Boulder City Florist ~ Biotone

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