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Article Submission Deadline:  December 15, 2023

Professional Article Submission – Newsletter & Website

    Thanks for volunteering your massage therapy professional article and/or photos!

    We are always looking to add to the library of professionally-written articles relating to the topic of massage therapy - practically any content regarding massage therapy is acceptable for publication by the Nevada Chapter. Upon submission, your article/picture(s) will be reviewed for relevancy to massage therapy, contemporary/accurate/timely information contained, and just plain good writing.
    The Newsletter Editor or someone assigned on his/her behalf will review your submission and contact you regarding its acceptance and when you can expect to see it published online and/or in a future edition of the Silver State Massage Express.

    Some guidelines for a Successful Submission:

    • no more than 500 words

    • must be massage therapy-related

    • may include a 2- to 3-sentence biography of the author with one URL reference

    Please complete the form and add your photos to your submission - every field, except Comments is required.

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    by clicking "Submit Article/Photos", are verifying that you are the originating/original author of the article and/or photos you are submitting. You are additionally authorizing the amta nevada chapter to use your article and photos on it's website (@ and in publications that promote or convey the business of the amta nevada chapter. You also agree to hold the amta nevada chapter NOT LIABLE for any loss you incur or claim due to the publication of your uploaded article and/or photos. The article and/or photos you upload will be reviewed and may or may not be used on the amta nevada chapter's website or in its publications - with your permission & knowledge, the amta nevada chapter may suggest or ask for an undetermined number of revisions for publication (space, content, writing style, etc) and/or edit your photos (resizing, cropping for quality) for publication requirements and content variations, but will not alter & publish them in a fashion that is incongruent with the original or without your knowledge. Please contact us with questions prior to submission of your article and/or photos.
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