COVID-19 & Massage Therapy in Nevada

AMTA’s and Nevada State Health Department & Massage Therapy Board Officials’ Advice

Check the CDC website for all information (State, included) as to the current status of the Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) status – Status changes daily.

We encourage you to:

  1. Stay safe & maintain your health, yourself
  2. Keep your loved ones safe
  3. Keep your clients safe

When the pandemic status is lifted, we will all be able to breath a little easier and move forward in our lives. Until that time, and as a massage therapist professional: please review this webpage for links to the latest information on how to keep yourself, your loved ones, and your clients SAFE.

on this page, texts in red are the newest updates, effective 5/9/2020

What is the AMTA doing?

  • Updates on the National website: the AMTA has a dynamic Update webpage for all Massage Therapists and its Members – for health-safety information, statistics, and national- and local- actions and plans, visit it now: AMTA is committed to keeping you informed on COVID-19
  • Live MeetingsBased on the latest guidance from the CDC and other federal health officials regarding the transmission of the virus in groups of people coming from different social and work environments, the AMTA and the Nevada Chapter Board of Directors have decided to cancel all face-to-face meetings, classes and gatherings through June 8, 2020, including cancellation of the 2020 AMTA National Convention in Phoenix, AZ this August. We realize that AMTA national and chapter events are opportunities for our members to gather together and take continuing education or receive community support. However, the health and wellness of our members is the highest priority for AMTA and for that reason we decided to cancel these types of events through June 8, 2020.
  • Membership Renewals – if you have a question about your upcoming Renewal options, please contact the National office at email hidden; JavaScript is required or (877) 905-2700.
  • ENGAGE – the National AMTA Government Relations Department has initiated an outreach campaign where Users can Support Continued Economic Efforts To Help Industries, Like Massage Therapy, Severely Impacted By COVID-19 (open to any person to complete).
  • Your Professional Liability Insurance coverageThe policy through HPSO requires that covered AMTA members are appropriately licensed to provide professional services and that they comply with state, federal and facility guidelines relative to scope of practice and practice setting. If there is a government order that mandates non-essential businesses close, and massage therapy is not considered essential [as is the case in Nevada] in that governmental jurisdiction, then the therapist would be practicing outside of the governmental order, guidance, law or regulation; and coverage would be excluded in the event of a claim. Call HPSO with specific questions about AMTA’s coverage: 1-888-253-1474

What is AMTA-NV doing?

  • Planning a virtual 2020 AMTA-NV Chapter Annual Business Meeting, originally scheduled for April 20, 2020 – all current Best Practices necessitate this change in how we fulfill our Association’s charter; a new Date will be established in early- to mid-June 2020. Members and related professionals will be notified ASAP.
  • Rescheduled an online version of Elections – annually, the chapter has leadership positions available, to be voted on by its attending members at the Annual Member Meeting. This year will be a little different: Nevada has been slow to get on board with many other chapters who already conduct online Voting for their available leadership positions each year. Eligible Nevada Chapter Members will be receiving a 2020 Ballot for voting on May 17th via email from Simply Voting; the Voting Period is from May 17th to May 27th, 2020. Members: watch your Association-email Inbox for notifications.
  • Keeping their chapter Members up-to-date – this webpage will be kept current with National and State-centric, developing information that may further inform you, so you can make the best decisions about your practice. Share this webpage with your colleagues.

What Nevada authorities Order/Direct:

State of Nevada:
NV-Governor Sisolak’s current Order closing Non-Essential Businesses (including any Massage practice not performed by a Physical Therapist) includes – first: civil (fines), then, if necessary: criminal penalties that local authorities (police, like LVMPD) can use their temporarily-assigned power (through this Order) to enforce. The Governor’s added, on 4/1/2020, a Stay-At-Home Order for all Nevadans and, on 4/29/2020, extended both Stay-At-Home and Non-Essential et al Emergency Orders through May 15th, 2020.

As of 5/15/20 @ 11:59:59pm, the Stay At Home Order has expired.

As of 5/9/2020 @ 12:00:00am, Phase One is in effect.

Massage, only as written in Directive 018 (link below), is permitted in Phase One.

If there is a non-essential business operating that has been Ordered to Remain Closed during Phase One that comes in contact with the public to deliver their goods/services and they are cited or Ceased/Desisted, consequences could involve state business or professional license revocations of or other court-system criminal charges for that business.

Read What the Governor Defines As Essential/Non-Essential (current revision: 3/27/2020)

Clark County:
The Commissioners’ Emergency Meeting on 3/20/2020 codified the Governor’s imbue of empowering LVMPD to enforce his Emergency Order w/ $1,000-Fines, Business License Suspension/Revocation, and/or criminal charges for non-compliant, Non-Essential business operations cited. Summary of Final Action:

City of Reno/area:
Specific information at

What Nevada authorities advise:

  • Governor’s Initiativevisit the Governor’s website
  • Nevada Business support webinars – At the request of and in support of the support of the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Nevada Business Information Network COVID-19 is a statewide business, industry, trade and economic coalition working together to provide resources to Nevada businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. This network is intended to be a “one-stop-shop” clearinghouse helping streamline gathering and sharing critical information businesses need from the federal and state levels no matter their size, sector or location in Nevada. Information will be distributed to business groups/associations in the form of educational webinars, public service announcements (PSAs), informational documents and/or surveys so they may forward support materials to help their respective business communities. To register for free, upcoming business support webinars, visit
  • Nevada Department of Health & Human Services (NVDHS) – check their webpage for advice
  • Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy (NSBMT) – visit their website; see the Letter To Licensees or check your NSBMT-licensee email (emailed/posted March 19, 2020); see the May 8th Special Meeting Attachments for Approved Regulations & Recommendations w/ supporting documents.
  • Self-Employed LMTs – if you are finding it difficult to maintain bill payments and/or day-to-day expenses, financial support may be available to you through the Small Business Administration. visit their website
  • Employed LMTs – check with your Human Resource Department as to any apportions (company initiatives related to closures and paying employees who are unable to work) or new Policies that may aggregate and/or pay Sick Leave, Personal Time Off, or Vacation Time in lieu of your earning your hourly- or commission-based salary because the Establishment is closed or you choose not to go into work.
  • ALL LMTs – Nevada State Unemployment Applications have recently seen removal of certain Requirements to eliminate red tape that typically precedes Approval. Most recently in NV, 1099- or “gig” workers now have access to apply for Unemployment Insurance benefits under the Pandemic Unemployment Act – go to DETR’s website to apply as of May 16th, 2020. Here is a handy, comprehensive guide (available in Spanish) you can review before visiting the qualifications and the Application at the Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation – Employment Security Division (available in Spanish).

Additional Resources:

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