Massage Collage project

During the weeks preceding the 2018 AMTA-Nevada Annual State Convention, we are wanting to engage our members even more!

member at a chair massage gigIf you are an AMTA-Nevada Member, please use this page to submit a photo of yourself in your practice – we’ll collect all the submitted photos and make a poster-sized AMTA-NV Massage Collage on display at the Registration Desk during the chapter’s 2018 Convention.

On the job? Take a Selfie!

At the office? Snap an action shot!

Working a convention? Capture the moment!

Photo-bomb your own work-space, get a colleague to catch you doing something massage-related, or show us at your best on your way in to (or out of!) your job site or gig! Be creative and be a distinguished part of the MT Community – and come to Convention to see your selfie among your colleagues’ and fellow Nevada members!


  1. No distinguishable Clients (or parts, thereof) in the frame with you, whether they are recognizable or not.
  2. More Than One as the subject(s) of the photo will not be approved – only You should be featured in the photo.
  3. Submissions included in the AMTA-NV Massage Collage must be received by April 25, 2018, to be considered for inclusion/publication.
  4. The AMTA-Nevada Chapter reserves the right to refuse publication of any photo submitted. No photos will be published that are published in other state- or legal-documents (like a license of any kind).
  5. Please use the form below – all fields are required.

2018 AMTA-NV Massage Collage Submission Form

Thank you, and we’re looking forward to seeing all our members’ photos appear in one, big AMTA-NV Chapter Member Photo-Collage!

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