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empowering Nevada massage therapists

American Massage Therapy Association, Nevada Chapter

Promoting Massage Therapy

by providing its members the business and continuing-education tools to successfully practice massage therapy in their communities in Nevada.

Supporting Fair Regulation

by monitoring, reporting, speaking up and working with local and state regulators to ensure fair practice, timely updates, and a voice on behalf of the members and the profession.

Creating Community Experiences

by crafting productive networking, outreach, and cohesive events that bring, together, all massage therapy practitioners of diverse backgrounds and outlooks.


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2019 Nevada Massage Therapy Awareness Week - gubernatorial proclamation

2018’s Massage Therapy Awareness Week in Nevada, Celebrated!

For its third year, the Chair of the American Massage Therapy Association, Nevada Chapter’s National Massage Therapy Awareness Week (NMTAW®) Committee – Tom Dougherty – helps keep Nevada in the know about Massage Therapy and its positive impact on human health conditions. On October 9th, 2018, in anticipation of the AMTA’s nationally-recognized and -promoted NMTAW®, […]


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