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Ever thought seriously about serving as a member of the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy?

The Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy (NSBMT) consists of 10 Board Members:

  • 6 professional massage therapists,
  • 1 professional Reflexologist,
  • 1 professional Structural Integration Practitioner,
  • 1 non-massage-therapist representing the public, and
  • 1 non-voting member from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Special Investigations Unit.

Board members are required to attend all Meetings and functions of the board and to serve on panels as required.  Additionally, Board Members are held accountable to the open meeting law, to the requirements of being a Board Member as defined by the Attorney General’s office and by the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS 640C), and to the Nevada Commission on Ethics.

Nevada’s Governor makes all Board Member appointments; Terms of service are 4 years. Each Board Member represents the region in which s/he is also a Nevada Resident.

Find open Board Member positions and Apply online by visiting the Governor’s webpage for Nevada Boards. All Applications are held for a period of time at the Governor’s office. Future appointments may be made from current Applications on file.

Contact the NSBMT for serious inquiry and questions.

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