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This morning I drew my usual Oracle card to see what the day would bring.   The quote that follows is a message for us all from the ancients “you are entering into a time of profound quickening and transformation.  You have come to the edge of what you have known yourself to be.  Cauac beckons you to step into a fire that changes every level of your being, even the underlying structures of your life.  Step into the unknown – your metamorphosis has begun!”

So many of us have doubts about the future.  What will life be like in the next few years and how will we continue to be successful in such doubtful times.  And yet the future holds the keys to our success as well.

In order to find your true path, this card is telling me that you must be willing to look fully at what you are doing right now and what you really want to be doing in the future.  What are you good at?  What do you love to do?  What are your weaknesses?

Take a good look at all of these.  Study them in a way that helps to fulfill your dreams.  Why did you decide to be a massage therapist in the first place?  What type of massage are you uniquely good at?  How can you become that person and how can you market that person?

Interesting thoughts.  Great questions.  What do you think?  How would you proceed to step into the unknown to start your metamorphosis?  Remembering that at the end of your journey a beautiful butterfly is born.

Happy Holidays and many wishes for a successful new year.

Billie Shea, AMTA NV Chapter president



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