Mentoring Our Future – April 26 & 27, 2014

The skinny of the Skinny:

  • By email invitation only – this is a Nevada Chapter member benefit.
  • You must print an Eventbrite Ticket (attached to your RSVP confirmation email) and show your current NSBMT license to participate in this event.
  • Clinic hours are: 8am – 6pm – the last massage starts at 5:00pm.
  • The two-day event assumes the clinic closes from 6pm (Saturday) to 8am (Sunday) – please plan accordingly.
  • You must present your event ticket (received in the Eventbrite Registration system) AND your NSBMT license to the Clinic Manager PRIOR to signing in.
  • Only one “free” massage per member.  “half-priced” massages start on the member’s 2nd visit to the same clinic.
  • Please plan time to arrive, wait, get your massage, and evaluate your student practitioner – all in all, about 2 hours.

more detailed Details…

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If you are not yet an AMTA member, please join us!  More information about the benefits of membership and participating in shaping the profession are found here:

Mentoring Our Future – March 29 & 30, 2014

The skinny of the Skinny:

  • By email invitation only – this is a Nevada Chapter member benefit.
  • You must print an Eventbrite Ticket (attached to your RSVP confirmation email) and show your current NSBMT license to participate in this event.
  • Clinic hours are: 8am – 6pm – the last massage starts at 5:00pm.
  • The two-day event assumes the clinic closes from 6pm (Saturday) to 8am (Sunday) – please plan accordingly.
  • You must present your event ticket (received in the Eventbrite Registration system) AND your NSBMT license to the Clinic Manager PRIOR to signing in.
  • Only one “free” massage per member.  “half-priced” massages start on the member’s 2nd visit to the same clinic.
  • Please plan time to arrive, wait, get your massage, and evaluate your student practitioner – all in all, about 2 hours.

more detailed Details…

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If you are not yet an AMTA member, please join us!  More information about the benefits of membership and participating in shaping the profession are found here:

Mentoring Our Future program

Nevada Chapter Member Benefit

Mentoring the Future – a Nevada Member Benefit program

The amta nevada chapter is proud to partner with Steiner Education Group’s premier education program and campus, the Nevada School of Massage Therapy, to offer its members an opportunity to mentor up-and-coming professionals in the field of massage therapy!

If you are an amta nevada chapter member, have a NV state-issued professional license (NSBMT), and have a couple of hours to help/mentor a current massage therapy student, consider this:

  • Students need guidance.
  • Your feedback is sought and needed, by both the programs that educate future licensed massage therapists and the Students of these programs. Part of their education is to perform massage on the Public in school-hosted Clinics that put them in touch with their technical and business skills to increase their confidence and effectiveness.

Wouldn’t you like to help IMPROVE their performance?
Wouldn’t you like to know that there are more qualified and experienced graduates entering the massage therapy profession every year?

ANY state-professional-licensed Member of the amta nevada chapter is invited to participate in this special event, hosted at and by NSMT’s Student Clinic:

First Massage Free, Subsequent Massages Half-Priced

the IDEA:

  1. You get an email invitation from the chapter at your AMTA-registered email address.
  2. You RSVP (through Eventbrite) to posted dates where the Nevada School of Massage Therapy is working with the amta nevada chapter to offer incentives to come in to the weekend Student Clinic and receive a massage.
  3. The purpose is for you to leave thoughtful, constructive, and positive feedback after your massage.
  4. For your Evaluation of the student that has just given you a massage, you will not have been charged for your massage (first one only) OR you will have been charged half-price (2nd+ time).
  5. You will have given critical feedback for the student to consider, study, and act on during his/her time in student clinic…and probably for the rest of their career!

The Skinny:

  1. RSVP through your emailed Invitation from the Eventbrite system to any “Mentoring Our Future” amta nevada chapter events during 2014 (8 opportunities over 16 days)
  2. Print your event Ticket and take it with your current NSBMT license (blue card or certificate) to NSMT (map).
  3. Show up at the school during the event times – give the Clinic Manager your Ticket AND show the Clinic Manager your NSBMT license.
  4. Wait in line to be called in for your massage [re: Wait time: getting a massage in student clinic is on a first-come, first-served basis – please plan for wait times ranging from “now” to up to 1 hour, depending on business levels)
  5. Receive your massage – TRY to stay alert so you can give good feedback! 😉
  6. After your massage, tell the student that you need to complete an Evaluation for them and ask if they have a few minutes to review the Evaluation you complete with them. Then, pick up and complete an Evaluation form from Reception and find a place to meet for a few minutes with your student practitioner to review your evaluation – this gives them a chance to clarify and ask questions about points you bring to their attention – positive and constructive!

Terms of Use

  • Times of availability of this offer are ONLY during scheduled amta nevada chapter event times listed on its website at or in a specific email invitation. Clinic hours are 8am – 5:30pm, Saturdays and Sundays, notwithstanding any emergency closings.
  • The Nevada School of Massage Therapy will have you register as a guest of the student clinic – you will be signing a release form for the school’s clinic participation as well.
  • To receive your “free” or “discounted” massage session at NSMT’s clinic, you must complete an Evaluation Form provided to you by NSMT at the conclusion of your massage/bodywork session. Failure to do so jeopardizes the relationship between the amta nevada chapter and NSMT, your ability to further participate in future special events.
  • When you are receiving your massage, you are responsible for communicating with your student massage therapist and controlling your exposure to their manipulation and method used: if you are not comfortable, stop the session and contact a school supervisor.
  • The amta nevada chapter is not responsible for any damages or negative impact participating in any amta nevada chapter-organized event may cause any registered participant. The amta nevada chapter facilitates opportunities, services, and information that participants use at their own risk.
  • Your RSVPing to attend “Mentoring Our Future” events does not guarantee your participation at any stage of the scheduled times you may receive a massage at the rates organized between the amta nevada chapter and NSMT. You may be denied entry into the clinic for any reason outside the control of the amta nevada chapter or NSMT at any time.


  • FREE = “$0.00”; Half-Priced = “$16.00” (cash, debit/credit – you pay NSMT directly, on-site),
  • you must RSVP through the amta nevada chapter system of “invitation through Eventbrite” to each Evaluation/Mentoring opportunity
  • one (1) RSVP per member,
  • when you arrive and if you are qualifying for the “free massage”, you must show your current NSBMT license as proof that you hold an LMT credential,
  • when you arrive, you must give your Eventbrite Ticket to the Clinic Manager (printed from the Eventbrite event invitation),
  • you will not be able to participate in the event (aka “get your massage offer”) if you do not RSVP online and follow the above Terms and Conditions,
  • contact email hidden; JavaScript is required with any questions.

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We are looking forward to your maximizing your Nevada Chapter membership in the AMTA by taking advantage of this awesome opportunity – Mentoring the Future and self-care, all in one!  See you at NSMT!

If you are not yet an AMTA member, please join us!  More information about the benefits of membership and participating in shaping the profession are found here:

Your Vote Counts! AMTA 2013 National Election

AMTANatl2013Elections-bannerBe among the professional members that shape our association. Vote for our national leaders. AMTA is the premier professional organization and needs top leadership to be a strong voice and guide us to the future. Your vote is needed to ensure that AMTA remains on top and continues to be well represented.

Get to know the candidates. Read each of their biographical sketches. You can find these candidate links, or if they established any Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Blog sites by accessing the AMTA official election website. Don’t be shy, ask them questions or read what someone else asked.  Find out what their vision and goals are for the future of AMTA and the massage profession.

Your voice counts in this organization. Make a decision to support one of our core values, ‘to be a membership driven organization’ and vote. That is what ‘member driven’ means. Join in.  Become a more informed voter and cast your vote by December 1!

2013 Election Timeline

November 1-5: A link to the online ballot will be sent via electronic mail to all voting members.

December 1: Completed ballots are due.

January 1: Results will be announced no later than January 1 on the AMTA website.

March 1: New officers assume office.


Please contact Colleen Leeders, at 877-905-2700 x150 or email hidden; JavaScript is required  if you have questions.

Mentoring on a National Scale: the AMTA’s program

The AMTA Mentoring Program was created to help those new to the massage therapy profession more fully realize their potential and provide experienced massage therapists the opportunity to share their wisdom and expand their professional network.

Although the Nevada Chapter has additionally worked to provide members local, short-term mentoring opportunities in the past (and we look forward to setting up more like Mentoring Our Future!) there is a GREAT opportunity for you to mentor (or be coached by) local AND national members in practice.

Who can participate?
Through this new program, experienced massage therapists (Mentors) assist those new to the profession (Mentees) in goal setting, communication and success planning.  This program is free and available only to AMTA members.

How does the program work?
AMTA members interested in becoming Mentors complete a profile at  Those wishing to become Mentees access the Mentoring Program webpage and perform a search for Mentors based on location, skills, work setting, and other criteria. Participants in the mentoring relationship will communicate each other’s expectations, create goals and objectives, meet milestones and deliverables, and provide feedback.  The Mentoring Program webpage includes links to resources to assist and guide program participants.

Where can I sign up?
Go to and sign up as a Mentor or become a Mentee and learn more about the program. Along with advancing your network or career, enjoy lasting friendships and the fun of sharing with other massage therapists.

Refer-A-Friend to the AMTA: Be an AMTA Ambassador

raf_banner_webRight now, the American Massage Therapy Association is offering a $20 gift card, sent to you, when you refer someone to become a member of the AMTA.

As the AMTA Massage Therapy Tour travels across the country to show people the benefits of seeing an AMTA member—that’s you!—for their next massage, we need your help to grow our community. AMTA’s enhanced Refer a Friend program rewards you when you share the benefits of membership with your friends!

Check out the new Refer a Friend page on our website for program details and tools to help you share information about the AMTA Massage Therapy Tour and membership. You’ll receive a $20 Visa gift card (to spend as you like) for every friend you refer who joins AMTA at any level—professional, graduate or student. Referring is easy—check out our Refer a Friend tips & tools page for suggestions on how to encourage your friends to join the AMTA community.

There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer or the number of gift cards you can receive. Plus, your friends will enjoy a special rate and gift too!  Tell your friends to join AMTA today by calling 877.905.2700, and help them gain a partner who will keep them connected to opportunity, to community—to their future.

Second year of AMTA’s “Massage Therapy Tour”: Coming UP!

Last summer, the AMTA launched a public initiative, the AMTA Massage Therapy Tour, to put member-practitioners “in touch” with the potential clients & patients that want and need massage therapy services.  The AMTA’s member-populated locator service, Find-A-Massage-Therapist, is the featured component that enables the public to find a professional, proficient massage therapist.  Our members, along the Tour’s route and all around the nation through media outlets of television, magazine, newspaper, and online appearances, are the target of this innovative effort to educate and encourage massage therapy businesses to become known to their future (and current!) patrons.

AMTA-Tour-MapSince launching our multi-faceted consumer awareness program, AMTA has engaged 13 cities, hundreds of thousands of potential clients and nearly 100 member volunteers through the AMTA Massage Therapy Tour. We’ve been featured in 300 news items and reached millions of consumers…and, we’re just getting started!

The summer 2012 segment of the AMTA Massage Therapy Tour is complete, but we’re continuing proactive media outreach to educate the public on the benefits of massage, including targeted advertising.

Join us at the AMTA National Convention to see highlight coverage and elements of the Tour in person.

Start planning for AMTA’s 17th annual National Massage Therapy Awareness Week (NMTAW), October 20-26, 2013, to bring the benefits of massage to your community.

Stay tuned for additional updates on how we’re educating consumers on the benefits of massage, including 2013 AMTA Massage Therapy Tour details!

Fall 2012 Silver State Massage Express – Ready!

Your newest AMTA Nevada Chapter newsletter, the Silver State Massage Express is ready!

Click here to download your PDF version for reading/printing:

If you have any questions about the newsletter or would like to contribute, please contact the chapter’s Newsletter Editor, Billie Shea at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Orthopedic Massage course in Las Vegas – Nov 10-11, 2012

The Center for Pain Management & James Waslaski, Author and International Lecturer

Invite you to Attend  Our Upper Body Seminar in Las Vegas, NV

Save $50.00 TODAY 

on Las Vegas, NV  Upper Body Seminar 

November 10-11, 2012 

AMTA-NV MEMBERS  Pay $300.00 instead of $350 for this amazing class

Tuscany Suites and Casino
255 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89169

Class times are 8:00am-6:00pm
Register Here for Discount 


James Book IS the class manual for the five day intensive


Here’s what people are saying about James Waslaski and his seminars!

“James Waslaski’s presentation skills and application of specific therapeutic techniques make him one of the most inspirational, energetic, compassionate and results oriented educators in the healthcare industry.  His powerful seminars and tapes will be an invaluable contribution to your bodywork practice in uniqueness, quality and results.  Dr. Erik Dalton, Ph.D Director or Freedom from Pain Institute

“James knowledge of the body’s response to pain and injuries supersedes that of most osteopaths and orthopedic physicians, and his presentation was most praised and talked about at our touch research symposium” Dr. Tiffany Field Director of Touch Research Institute, University of Miami School of Medicine.

“James Waslaski is the “cutting edge” author and teacher of chronic pain and sports injury techniques.  This personable, high profile, international presenter has made clinical sports massage available to everyone in a simplistic but highly organized manner.”  Aaron Mattes, Author of Active Isolated Stretching

“After attending one of his seminars and observing his specific work with our injured players, I realize that James’ techniques are a vital part of every professional sports team.”Steve Donahue, A.T.C World Champion NY Yankees

The Center for Pain Management

P.O. Box 822141

North Richland Hills, Texas 76182

 Upper Body Course Descriptions

Orthopedic Massage for Pelvic Stabilization and Upper Body Conditions

Based on revolutionary clinical research, participants will learn new techniques that will forever change the way they approach myofascial, trigger point, and tendon pain. These innovative structurally oriented routines, offer pain-free multi-modality methods for achieving immediate results from the following clinical conditions: Low back pain, SI joint, dysfunction, disc compression, bulging discs, sciatica, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder impingement, bursitis, pectoralis minor strains, bicipital tendinosis, rhomboid pain, thoracic outlet, cervical sprains and strains, whiplash, atlas / axis & C1/C2 mobilization, migraine headaches, medial and lateral epicondyle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, and joint arthritis. Ground-breaking Frozen Shoulder and Hip Capsule Adhesion techniques will highlight this dynamic interactive workshop. This incredible multimedia presentation, consisting of assessments, treatments, and client self care for chronic pain and sports injuries, will facilitate permanent results; even in the most complicated clinical conditions.

Seminar Registration Fee for Upper Class is $300.00 class handout provided – 20 CEU 

We are a CE approved provider

NCBTMB -049978-00

CE Approved Provider in Florida
Certified Personal Trainer NACP

About our Seminars and James Waslaski, Author and International Lecturer

Dear Healthcare Professionals:

Our Orthopedic Massage Seminars focus on the entire body, with emphasis on restoring pain free range of motion throughout the body and integrating complete structural balance.  Practitioners will address chronic pain and other injury conditions with a focus on understanding and correcting the causes and pathology of each specific condition.


James Waslaski, past chair of the AMTA National Sports Massage Education Council, is an author and international lecturer who has pioneered deep pain free orthopedic massage, pain management, sports injury, and sports enhancement treatments. His unique structural and multidisciplinary bodywork approach has been taught throughout the United States, Ireland, London, Scotland, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Greece, Australia, and the Caribbean.  Through the use of an incredible multimedia presentation, James has presented at state, national and international massage conventions, as well as Chiropractic conventions, osteopathic conventions, the college of sports medicine, the University of South Wales, and the Olympic training center in Australia. James spent 20 years working in hospitals and trauma centers treating both medical and trauma patients prior to his training in massage. He has worked extensively with collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes and has published books, manuals, and a series of DVDs on sports injuries, chronic pain, and complicated orthopedic conditions. In 1999 James was the recipient of the FSMTA International Achievement Award.   James was inducted into the Massage Hall of Fame in 2008 for pioneering a unique Multidisciplinary Approach for Pain Management and Sports Injuries. His unique and highly effective Structural Approach for eliminating pain throughout the body has brought him worldwide recognition as a leader in the massage and wellness industries. His  new book Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy-A Structural Approach to Pain Management was released September 2011, with hopes it bridges the gap between all health care practitioners and revolutionize the way health care leaders approach complicated pain conditions.


We offer Orthopedic Certification after completion of our 100 hour Certification Course

Complete an Upper, Lower and Five Day Seminar and you are eligible to sit for the testing


Take any two Five Day Intensives

Register together and we will

Include Our Orthopedic Certification  Test Fee for Free

($150.00 Value)

Call Today for Details!


(20 hours written case studies required)

the First 90-days…

Hello Members!

David OttoI am truly honored to be writing today in the President’s Blog – there have been many years that I have served where the chapter did not have such an efficient, fast way for the members to connect; specifically, with the commentary and updates from the chapter President.  I am happy to say: all the Nevada Chapter Board of Directors volunteers, chapter volunteers and Delegates are available via email and that you may post publicly or email me privately regarding the [future] topics in this forum!

Now, on with this month’s blog…

I was elected to serve as a chapter leader, first as 1st Vice President back in 2010, with the intention of running for another leadership office, but not really the presidency.

Billie Shea (who has served several terms as President, now Immediate Past President) had other plans than my “just” participating in a fully-engaging and wonderfully-satisfying position as a volunteer.  She knew that, over my years of service in media outlets, out in the population of the membership and non-members of professionals in the Las Vegas area, being active in my professional goals as well as association goals, I had a little more potential.  And I guess I have to say: I thought so, too.

I suspect, from the get-go, Billie was looking for the right person, a willing person, an established professional and personality in the massage therapist community, and I had worked hard to be in that position, but didn’t realize the gravity of my situation until someone told me I should run for President.

When I joined the AMTA & Nevada chapter back in 2001, during my last weeks of school, I really had no idea that the AMTA would be an opportunity that grew me both professionally and personally – was starting with a solid liability insurance policy, as far as I was concerned.  I had and have a passion for massage therapy, and that passion to do what was right for me, back in the day; and now, my passion has developed into a purpose to do what is right for the profession in Nevada.  I can think of no stronger, prominent, or active group of massage therapy professionals than those who are members of the AMTA – in Nevada and across the U.S.!

I have had, even before I was elected chapter President, more positive & growth experiences in my management skills, massage therapy skills, interpersonal skills, marketing skills, and entrepreneurial drive than I can ever imagine would have happened had it not been for the tried, true, and structured resource of the humans that make up the AMTA.  From the National office to the newest Student Member, I count on every person who professes to support and practice massage therapy in its truest form to contribute to the success of the organization. And, as in a recent interview that I participated in for the national promotion of the AMTA, “I am David Otto.  I am AMTA.”

And so is every member.

If you believe in supporting massage therapy research, the development of the field and profession, and providing massage therapy clients with the “best massage ever,” you have found a friend, mentor, and inspiration in the AMTA.  Times can be turbulent and hard to comprehend, but by keeping the Mission in mind and participating, everyone comes out ahead.

Thank you for trusting me as one of the many talented leaders of the Nevada Chapter that you will come across.  I encourage you to get to know one other member this year.  By the end of 2012, we are organizing a couple of member events coming up in Southern Nevada and there are several continuing education courses in Northern Nevada where you will likely meet a fellow AMTA member – but if not, recognize the “member” in the professional with whom you are talking.

There will be more updates about things YOU and/or your colleagues find interesting and may want to participate in as an Attendee.  If you have any ideas, questions, or comments about your membership or participating in affecting an awesome membership of professionals in Nevada, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Yours in Service,

Keep in touch on Facebook & LinkedIn