Second year of AMTA’s “Massage Therapy Tour”: Coming UP!

Last summer, the AMTA launched a public initiative, the AMTA Massage Therapy Tour, to put member-practitioners “in touch” with the potential clients & patients that want and need massage therapy services.  The AMTA’s member-populated locator service, Find-A-Massage-Therapist, is the featured component that enables the public to find a professional, proficient massage therapist.  Our members, along the Tour’s route and all around the nation through media outlets of television, magazine, newspaper, and online appearances, are the target of this innovative effort to educate and encourage massage therapy businesses to become known to their future (and current!) patrons.

AMTA-Tour-MapSince launching our multi-faceted consumer awareness program, AMTA has engaged 13 cities, hundreds of thousands of potential clients and nearly 100 member volunteers through the AMTA Massage Therapy Tour. We’ve been featured in 300 news items and reached millions of consumers…and, we’re just getting started!

The summer 2012 segment of the AMTA Massage Therapy Tour is complete, but we’re continuing proactive media outreach to educate the public on the benefits of massage, including targeted advertising.

Join us at the AMTA National Convention to see highlight coverage and elements of the Tour in person.

Start planning for AMTA’s 17th annual National Massage Therapy Awareness Week (NMTAW), October 20-26, 2013, to bring the benefits of massage to your community.

Stay tuned for additional updates on how we’re educating consumers on the benefits of massage, including 2013 AMTA Massage Therapy Tour details!