Nevada Chapter Committees: Chairpersons and Members are appointed positions – Interested in being appointed?

Communications Committee

All forms of the chapter’s communication, promotion, and publication are considered the responsibility of this committee. This committee also makes sure that all the massage therapy news in Nevada that’s fit to print is organized, professional, factual, and disseminated with clear lines of communication with the Nevada Chapter leadership.
David Otto

Chair: David Otto – reports to Secretary/Board

David J Otto, LMT BCTMB earned his BA in English, Secondary Education in 1991. In 2001, he graduated from the Nevada School of Massage Therapy where he was also an ACCET-accredited Professional Development Instructor over 6+ years. He owns/operates his massage therapy practice, Hands In Motion, since 2003, in Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas & Clark County, NV.

Since 2006, David has served the AMTA on National Convention Planning, Awards, Chapter and Mentoring Awards Committees, has served as a Subject Matter Expert with the NCBTMB, and has been an active volunteer with and advocate for the Massage Therapy Foundation.

David currently serves the AMTA-Nevada Chapter as Chair of the Communications and Government Relations Committees. He has served the AMTA-Nevada Chapter as its President, 1st Vice-President, Delegate & Alternate, and Newsletter Editor.

Sarah McCallum, LMT BS

Newsletter Editor: Sarah McCallum (Silver State Massage Express) – reports to Chair

Sarah McCallum, LMT BS earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science (major) and French Language (minor) from the University of Kansas in 2007. She has been a part of the healing arts community in the Reno-Sparks area of Nevada since her graduation from Hawai’i Healing Arts College in 2009, and she operates Massage by McCallum. Sarah believes firmly in the body’s ability to heal itself when given guidance.

Sarah currently serves the AMTA-Nevada Chapter as its Newsletter Editor. She has served the chapter as Board Member and 2019, 2021, & 2022 Delegate.

Education Committee

Annually and throughout the year, plans, organizes, and makes happen the magic of live continuing education courses in both the Northern and Southern metropolitan areas of Nevada. This committee also ensures its attendees – the chapter’s members and soon-to-be-members, who seek growth in their profession through attending Continuing Education Events – get the best experience possible.
Elizabeth Benion, LMT

Chair: Elizabeth Benion – reports to President/Board

Elizabeth Benion, LMT BS earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Phoenix and her Associates degree in Paralegal Studies at the McCann School of Business & Technology. She sought out the healing practice of massage therapy in 2017, graduating from Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) of Pennsylvania and becoming licensed to practice massage therapy in Pennsylvania in 2018. She is currently massage-therapy-licensed in Nevada. Presently, she works full time as a consultant for a design/marketing company, A Mighty Group.

Elizabeth serves the AMTA-Nevada Chapter as its Chapter President. She has previously-served the chapter as Secretary and 2019 & 2020 Delegate.

David Otto

Member: David Otto – reports to Chair

Becky SanGregorio LMT

Member: Becky SanGregorio – reports to Chair

Becky SanGregorio, LMT

Government Relations Committee

Keeps Members, the Massage Therapy profession, and Public In-The-Know about local and state issues concerning the regulation of Massage Therapy in Nevada. Gathers information by several means – via: massage community-initiated intelligence, various interpersonal & governmental relationships, and legislative/regulatory-bodies’ public notification systems. Regulatory-proposals & -changes that affect our professionals’ privileged and business licensing requirements are recorded and addressed as necessary; consideration for and development of ‘a Chapter opinion’ is often motivated by the nature of the change and how it is fair for both the public and licensees/members.
David Otto

Chair:  David Otto – reports to President/Board

Meaghan Maillet LMT

Member: Meaghan Maillet – reports to Chair

Sarah McCallum, LMT

Member: Sarah McCallum – reports to Chair

Jasmine Soller LMTMember: Jasmine Soller – reports to Chair

Jasminemarie Soller LMT CA MA HHP AS earned her Associate of Science degree at DeAnza College in 1994, Chiropractic Assistant (1996), Medical Assistant (1997), Holistic Health Practitioner (1997), and Massage Therapy (2004) diplomas and uses them all in her 28+ years of work-experience and 25+ years of experience serving allied-health programs in the field of Education.

In the Massage Therapy field, Jasminemarie is Certified by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC), licensed by the State of Nevada (NSBMT), Proctor for Prometric and NCCT, and Librarian Technician and Facilitator (Pacific Institute). In her massage therapy practice, she also incorporates Joe Lucero’s Therapeutic Reposturing™ techniques, most-notably working with Lucero for the Wildflower Triathlon Olympic Team. Jasmine maintains her memberships with the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education (AFMTE), Reflexology Association of America (RAA), National Association of Massage Therapists (NAMT), and American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

When she’s not with massage clients, Jasminemarie oversees the Massage Therapy Program as Program Director and teaches Personal Fitness Training courses at Advanced Training Institute (Las Vegas campus). She’s always been active in sports, and, when her children were active in sports, Jasmine was there as their coach, trainer, and massage therapist as needed.

Jasmine serves the Nevada Chapter as Chapter Secretary, Nevada Delegate, and as a Member of the Government Relations Committee.

Community Engagement/NMTAW® Committees

Community Engagement: Watches for state-wide opportunities hosted by other non-profit organizations in which Nevada Chapter members may participate in purveying the health benefits and overall wellness effects of massage therapy through hands-on application with the public.
National Massage Therapy Awareness Week® (NMTAW): In the last week of October, annually, assures members know about how to promote their practices in each of their communities and secures a gubernatorial proclamation of “Massage Week in Nevada” from the governor.
Tom Dougherty, LMT

Co-Chair – South: Tom Dougherty – reports to President/Board

Thomas Dougherty, LMT DPT is a massage therapist since 1994. He works in out-patient clinics with Chiropractors & other Physical Therapists mainly using medical massage techniques, like stretching, myofascial release, and pain control. Tom’s been a Physical Therapist since 1997, and he earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2022; he’s also an accomplished actor of stage and screen since 1984.

Tom currently serves the AMTA-Nevada Chapter as a Board Member and as Co-Chair – South of the Community Outreach and Chair of the National Massage Therapy Awareness Week® Committees. Tom has served the chapter as Board Member and Financial Administrator.

Sarah McCallum, LMT

Co-Chair – North: Sarah McCallum – reports to President/Board

Meaghan Maillet LMT

Member: Meaghan Maillet – reports to Co-Chair – North

Student Outreach Committee

Seeks regular opportunities to recruit members to join & participate in the AMTA-Nevada Chapter as Student, Graduate, or Professional Members of the AMTA through article-submission to the newsletter (for distribution to school/program campuses) and campus visits and formal & informal presentations.
Elizabeth Benion, LMT

Co-Chair – South: Elizabeth Benion – reports to President/Board

Sarah McCallum, LMT

Co-Chair – North: Sarah McCallum – reports to President/Board

Meaghan Maillet LMT

Member: Meaghan Maillet – reports to Co-Chair – North

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