The position of Nevada Chapter Delegate is a membership-elected Volunteer Position

  1. The new term for an elected Nevada Chapter Delegate (1, of 2 available positions) begins in and around April 2021.
  2. Election for this position will be held during the 2021 AMTA-Nevada Chapter online Elections, in or around April, 2021Apply Now.

Some benefits:

  • Mentoring by other (NV) Delegates
  • Networking and developing an understanding of association governance processes

Some responsibilities:

  • Create a Proposal and/or Coach members through Process, if needed
  • Notice & Poll members of Proposals (Discussion Topics and Position Statements)
  • Represent NV Chapter/Members in AoD
  • Write a report of the AoD Meeting for publication to members

Current Nevada Delegates

Elizabeth Benion LMT

Elizabeth BenionDelegate 2019 & 2020 (2-year term)

Elizabeth Benion, LMT, BS earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Phoenix and an Associates degree in Paralegal Studies at the McCann School of Business & Technology. She sought out the healing practice of massage therapy in 2017, graduating from Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) of Pennsylvania and becoming licensed to practice massage therapy in 2018. She is currently licensed in both Nevada & Pennsylvania. Presently she works full time as a consultant for a design/marketing company, A Mighty Group.

Elizabeth serves the AMTA-Nevada Chapter as the Chapter Secretary and 2019 & 2020 Delegate.

Ivy Adams, LMT

Ivy Adams, LMTDelegate 2020 & 2021 (2-year term)

Ivy Adams, LMT, a native of Las Vegas, graduated Northwest Career College’s massage therapy program in May 1999; she’s the sole-proprietor of Holistic Birth & Bodyworks, a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 20 years, including a focus on women and children of all ages. During her career, she has earned specialty-certifications for Prenatal and Postpartum Massage, for Levels 1 and 2 of The Spurgeon Method™ – Therapeutic Breast Massage, and is NCBTMB Board-Certified.

Ivy is an educator at Northwest Career College in its Massage Therapy Program as a Senior Instructor for 15 years. Additionally, she homeschools her 4 gorgeous children with her partner, and is currently earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Arizona State University. She serves the American Massage Therapy Association’s Nevada Chapter members as their 2020/2021 Delegate in the Assembly of Delegates.

Additionally, Ivy is a Girl Scout Troop Leader and raises backyard chickens at her home in historic Downtown Las Vegas.

  • When you qualify and appear on the 2021 Ballot, you agree to be elected by the members to a 2-year term.
  • To be considered as a Candidate for Election, you must COMPLETE THE CANDIDATE APPLICATION

Chapter Delegate Position Description

Position Title: Delegate to the Assembly of Delegates (AoD)

While not an eligibility requirement, the Delegate position should not be considered as an “entry level” volunteer position. Applicants for the position of Delegate should be encouraged to consider the following questions when choosing to become a candidate for the position.

  1. What is the context of health and wellness in my state?
  2. What are the things that are impacting massage therapy in my state? (including but not limited to):
    1. Education requirements
    2. Regulation
    3. Continuing education
    4. Cultural issues
    5. Socio-economics
    6. Diversity
    7. Employment practices


  • Must be a professional member in good standing for at least 1 year.
  • Must be assigned to the Chapter they are elected to serve.
  • Must have a basic understanding of technology (e.g. email, online discussion boards, mobile applications).
  • Must sign the AMTA Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct (elected) and AOD Code of Conduct.
  • Shall not be an AMTA National Board member, National Standing Committee Chair, National Commission Chair, or the Moderator of the Assembly of Delegates.

Delegate is given authority by National Bylaws and Policies and through election by the Chapter membership.

Delegate is accountable to fulfill their duties through reporting the activities of the Assembly as well as the meeting outcomes.

Term of Office
The Delegate shall serve a term of office of two years, beginning at the same time as chapter officers’ terms and shall be elected in alternating years. The delegate shall serve no more than three consecutive elected terms.

Delegate represents the massage therapy profession in the AOD and related activities as they pertain to the profession in their state.

Delegate works with her/his Chapter members and fellow Chapter Delegates, as well as Delegates from other Chapters and Assembly of Delegates Advisory Committee (AODAC), to follow timelines and carry out the assignments and charges applicable to the AOD function.


  1. Responds to applicable chapter communications on a regular and timely basis via phone, e-mail, or other appropriate means.
  2. Provides written reports to the Chapter Board as requested.
  3. Participates in discussions on the volunteer HUB as they pertain to AOD agenda items, discussion items and AOD duties.
  4. Attends chapter meetings as requested by the Chapter Board to address agenda items pertaining to the work of the Delegates.
  5. Maintains a working knowledge of materials provided for the AOD meeting.
  6. Prepares and reviews all necessary materials prior to all AOD meetings.
  7. Attends and participates in the AOD meeting at National Convention.
  8. At least annually, Delegate reports the actions of the AOD to the Chapter membership.
  9. Participates in the selection of the AMTA position statement ideas to be sent to the writing group per policy.
  10. Provides input to the AOD think tank through the lens of the massage therapy profession in their specific state. Input may be provided at the annual AOD meeting and the Volunteer HUB during their term of service.

Time Commitment

The time commitment averages about 2-4 hours per month; time commitment will be considerably higher during the lead up to National Convention, Annual Convention and AOD meeting.

Vacancy and Succession

  • If a delegate is unable to attend the AoD meeting at National Convention due to unexpected circumstances the Chapter Board shall appoint an eligible volunteer to assume the Delegate position for that meeting.
  • Upon submittal of sufficient documentation, the AoDAC may determine a Delegate absence as excusable, and reinstate the original Delegate after the AOD meeting to resume their role and fulfill their term.
  • In the event of a vacancy, the chapter board of directors shall appoint an eligible volunteer to assume the Delegate position for the remainder of the unexpired term.

Removal from Office
A Delegate may be removed from office for failure to:

  1. Fulfill her/his duties and responsibilities (dereliction of duties).
  2. Abide by the AMTA Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Policy, Code of Conduct, Rules of Engagement, or Position Description.
  3. Keep AMTA membership dues current.

Removal shall occur upon recommendation from a Chapter Board member with a two-thirds
vote of the entire Chapter Board. The National Office must be contacted prior to Chapter Board
voting on removal of a volunteer.

AMTA NBoD Motion: #0617:29

Refer to the AMTA-NV Standing Rules for additional description