Two Types of Volunteers

In the chapter, two types of volunteer work together:

  • Nevada Chapter Board of Directors (Board Member)
  • Delegate
  • Committee Chair & Member
  • per-event-Volunteer

to be
any chapter-Volunteer, a person must be and remain a Nevada Chapter Member, In Good Standing

Call for Candidates |
 Dates: TBD in 2025

All Nevada Chapter Members have been notified, via email, of the 2024 Call For Candidates period (ended 4/6/2024) and upcoming 2024 Voting period for the Online Election.
Any Nevada Chapter Member
(except a Student-Member) will be able to Apply for an OPEN Position in ~April 2025.


Any Nevada Chapter Member, except a Student Member, may hold an Elected Volunteer position.

Additionally, Candidates for Chapter President & Financial Administrator elected-position are required to have served 1 full year as a Chapter Board Member within the past 3 years.

OPEN Positions

Eligible Candidates may Apply during the Call for Candidates period through a form that the Online Elections Coordinator will send via email and will assist the member in completing.

or, just

Call for Volunteers |

Every Nevada Chapter Member is eligible and welcome to volunteer in moving chapter activities forward.


A verified AMTA-Nevada Chapter Member, In Good Standing

OPEN Positions

We have some ideas about where we can best-assist our chapter’s Members … but we want to hear from you, too!

How may you assist?

Volunteer Search form

Please complete the following form and Send it – it goes to the Chapter President via the  Nevada Chapter Board of Directors email address, who will – personally, or via another volunteer – contact you with more information and answer your questions.

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    Please check the areas in which you are interested
    Chapter Board Member/Delegate Positions (Elected):
    PresidentFinancial AdministratorBoard MemberSecretaryDelegaten/a
    Chapter Committee Chair or Member Positions (Appointed):
    Communications/Website/NewsletterCommunity Engagement/NMTAWEducationFinanceGovernment RelationsMember EngagementStudent Outreachn/a



    • I understand this Volunteer Search Form will be reviewed and I will be contacted.

    • This AMTA-Nevada Chapter 'Volunteer Search form’ must be completed and will be received by the Chapter President; the Chapter President or another Volunteer will reach out to you, via your contact-email for the Next Steps.