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2020: Call For Candidates – ended 5/10/2020, 11:59:59 pm

If you are interested in joining the Nevada Chapter Leadership team in a Board-Elected or President-Appointed Position, please read on!

For available Appointed or Board-Elected Positions: Complete a Volunteer Search Form

Complete the following form and submit it – it goes to email hidden; JavaScript is required and the current Chair of the Commission on Candidacy, who will contact you with any further requirements to qualify you as an Appointee or Nominee and details about running and election protocol (if applicable).

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    Please check the areas in which you are interested
    Chapter Board Member/Delegate Positions (elected):
    PresidentBoard MemberSecretaryFinancial AdministratorDelegaten/a

    Chapter Committee Chair or Member Positions (appointed):
    EducationWebsiteNewsletterGovernment RelationsStudent OutreachFinanceMemberNMTAWn/a
    What experience do you have in the areas you indicate?

    Upload your résumé, here: (.doc .rtf .txt .pdf ONLY)
    Upload your AMTA Chapter (appointed) Volunteer Code of Conduct Form OR AMTA Chapter (elected) Volunteer Code of Conduct Form*, here: (.jpg .tiff .pdf .bmp ONLY)
    *please print, sign, scan your Volunteer Code of Conduct to attach a completed copy

    By checking this box, I understand this Volunteer Search Form will be reviewed and all candidates will be notified if there are multiple people interested in the same position. Candidates will be required to present a brief two-minute statement at the next AMTA Nevada Chapter Annual General Meeting, on May 8, 2019, prior to the elections. Attendees who are Retired, Graduate, or Professional AMTA members In Good Standing will be allowed to vote.

    This ‘AMTA - Nevada Chapter Volunteer Search Form’ and the ‘AMTA Chapter (appointed) Volunteer Code of Conduct Form’ or 'AMTA Chapter (elected) Volunteer Code of Conduct Form' must be completed and received by the AMTA-NV Chapter Board of Directors and/or current Commission on Candidacy Committee Chair (via this online form OR by USPS mail to: Mavies Gascon, 217 W Chicago Ave Apt D, Las Vegas, NV 89102, along with a copy of your résumé, no later than 5/2/2019. If the two forms and your résumé are received after that date, you will not be considered for the elected position you indicated on the ‘AMTA – Nevada Chapter Volunteer Search Form’ - appointed positions are handled a little differently.

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