2022: Call For Candidates | 3/9 – 4/8/2022

If you are interested in joining the Nevada Chapter Leadership team in a Member-Elected Position, please read on!
The AMTA-Nevada Chapter is operated by its volunteer-members and supported by the National AMTA Office. We look forward to working with you in making sure our 750+ members get the most benefit from their AMTA Memberships by providing them local continuing education activities, community service opportunities, and government-relations representation.

For open, Member-Elected Positions: Complete a Candidate Application form

In 2022, the AMTA-Nevada is hosting online elections for its available Board Member and Delegate positions.
Open positions in 2022 include: President, Board Member (2), Secretary, and/or Delegate, all 2-year Terms except 1, 1-year Board Member position.

Professional Members, In Good Standing, of the Nevada Chapter interested in assisting the entire, 750+ Members in governing its activities are asked to

If you have questions not answered in the Position Descriptions (links, above), please contact the Nevada Board – we’d love to hear from you!

For open, President-Appointed Positions: Complete a Volunteer Search form

Complete the following form and submit it – it goes to the Chapter President via Nevada Chapter Board of Directors email address , who will contact you with any further requirements to qualify you as an Appointee and detail the responsibilities and commitment – the journey as an association-volunteer – on which you are willing to embark.

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    This ‘AMTA - Nevada Chapter Volunteer Search Form’ must be completed and will be received by the Chapter President; the Chapter President will reach out to you, via your contact-email for the Next Steps.