The Massage Therapy Profession is growing. More-precisely: the mobility of single-state Licensed Massage Therapists to practice in more than their home-state is on the horizon: IMpact.

How would IMpact apply to NVMTs?

Since the Council of State Governments has been mediating the interstate compact – IMpact (Interstate Massage Compact) – for about 2 years now, their currently-published Draft-Compact means that – after many key, stakeholder-, massage-therapy-Organizations have been involved in its development – individual State Legislative bodies may now consider adopting IMpact for use by their massage therapy regulatory-bodies.

Nevada is no exception to the States/Territories that are eligible to become a Member-State of the compact – when the compact becomes active, as an interstate-license system, depends on When the first seven (7) States become Members of the compact.

Right now, the 82nd Session of the Nevada Legislature is “In Session”; this happens every two years in Nevada. Currently, there are two Bills Introduced for two healthcare professions: Nursing and Physical Therapy – these Bills seek to enact Provisions for interstate practice of Nursing and PT. Currently, the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy is well into the process of Prefiling a similar Bill (aka BDR) for Introduction: the NSBMT aims to create an opportunity for NVMTs to have interstate mobility with other participating compact-Member-States.

The NSBMT’s efforts are in a critical stage of development for asking and having the Nevada Legislature Approve the State of Nevada’s membership in IMpact: Support for their Bill is under development and moving forward; becoming a Member-State is a time-intensive, money-utilizing process and possibility.

Why Should I Care?

If you’ve ever had an opinion on some massage-therapy-legislation that affects your practice, you may not have the time to file &/or speak to your own Public Comment, Petition, or Complaint: If you want your voice heard and things to change what may be or seem to be unfair regulation, the Chapter is in a position to pass on our chapter members’ aggregate- and anonymous-opinions. This is an opportunity for you to speak up, be heard … and all with the least amount of effort, as you have your clients’ improved health and wellness to attend.

We want to see our Chapter Members care enough to shape the future of massage therapy that they want and become empowered, through their professional association’s activities, to shape the Massage Therapy Profession in Nevada.

The AMTA Nevada Chapter, with the oversight of our National Government Relations office, is seeking our chapter members’ opinions. We intend to make it easy for our members to lodge their opinions regarding whether they Support, are Neutral, or Oppose the adoption of IMpact by the State of Nevada: the form of a Member-Only Survey is set to be available to all Chapter Members on Mar 2, 2023.

Step 1: Inform & Educate

Before we sent out a Survey, with content with which our chapter’s members may or may not be familiar, we wanted to provide an opportunity for our members to learn – through facilitation of an interactive, online Meeting – where we could present IMpact: its nature, history (thus far), challenges, benefits, etc and then have a Q&A Session. You may view this meeting in its entirety, below:

Step 2: Survey & Collect

And, then – with the information you have: we’ll ask you to complete the Survey, via a Constant Contact email-invitation using your AMTA Member Email Address. The Survey will be open to all AMTA Nevada Chapter Members for 10 Days.

Step 3: Communicate & Publish

The Results of the Survey will be published to the members and published within a Letter to the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy, through Public Comment, at their next Regular Meeting on March 22, 2023:

  • Your answers to Multiple-Choice Answers on the Survey will be submitted in aggregate;
  • Your answers to Text-Required Answers may be submitted Anonymously.
  • If you want to write your own Letter to the NSBMT, David can assist you with that, too.


The intent of this whole process is to empower our Members’ voices through action – drafting and submitting a Letter to the NSBMT is the most efficient way to have an impact, from one organization (that’s US!) to another (the NSBMT).

We invite all the AMTA-Nevada Chapter Members to take part in shaping their profession in Nevada.