You’ve probably seen it: an email in your member-registered email Inbox from “”.  That’s Me – HI! 🙂

Why we receive Nevada chapter email:  We’re all pretty busy in our practices and our lives and you won’t be able to participate in everything that the chapter has to offer that as a chapter and your webmaster, as a natural, efficient, timely, and contemporary method of communicating with all chapter members, send your way.  The National office of the AMTA also sends you news you can use, to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in your profession and ways to engage that news with your practice and clients/patients.  So much information is out there, and delivery of that information and receipt/management of that information can be real challenges.

It’s all great information that I, personally, have used and depend on to keep on top of what’s happening in the massage therapy world – my opinions and efforts are driven by several origins of that information, including AMTA’s publications: the MTJ and emails, to name a couple of ways…

If you become inundated or uninterested in the types of information that come your way via email, there are methods for changing your preferences as your needs/desires change – that is the purpose of this article/request.  Instead of reporting chapter emails as Spam or Complaining (as functions of the email links you may click or in your email client options), I ask that you kindly either delete the email or, if you would like to unsubscribe – permanently – from chapter communications, please: change or remove your email address from your AMTA Member Profile on the national website on your Member Profile.


It happens with any service that mediates email delivery…like, in your own practice, for example.  When Complaints are logged with a mail server, like Eventbrite (a service we use to mediate attendance at free and attendee-paid/chapter-sponsored events), our reputation as an organization is tarnished.  We are perceived as an organization as “not having permission to email the recipients” on the monthly email list that we get and upload each time we send out an email through any service.  As a consequence, we are restricted from emailing through these beneficial services and tools – first, in bulk (All Members At Once as opposed to a “up to 250 emails a day” restriction), but then, ultimately, our account is closed by the service – something we want to avoid.

Up to now, some emails come through from the nevada chapter that a simple button cannot be clicked to Unsubscribe or Complain about “too many” emails coming through.  I can only imagine that that is the main reason members Complain about receiving emails from their chapter.  These emails have directions to “change your email address or remove it” from the database with the National office of the AMTA.  We are preparing to change the way you regularly receive all emails from the chapter.  If you wish to Unsubscribe from specific types (not just chapter-related) of AMTA-approved email communication (login required), visit:

Not getting your chapter communications?

Update your email address on your AMTA Member Profile if:

  • You no longer have access to (by choice or accident) the email address on AMTA-file,
  • You want to receive your chapter-related emails/communication at another email address than you are currently receiving,
  • You no longer want amta nevada chapter or AMTA National emails

Here’s how to Update your email address(es):

  1. Log in to your AMTA Member Profile at (login Name = your member #)
  2. Click on Edit Account Details
  3. Click (Edit), next to Profile Information
  4. Click the Manage Contact Info button
  5. Under My Email Addresses, Click (Add) or click on the email type you want to change/delete
  6. Enter the new information or remove the email address
  7. Click the orange Save button

Make changes for each type of email address and then exit your Profile.  Explore your options for your Profile to be up-to-date while you’re there: there are a lot of things you can do in and with your AMTA Member Profile!

If you choose to receive AMTA-related emails and before you register a complaint, please Unsubscribe – your Unsubscription will be registered with that particular email service and you will not be emailed again from that service.

What happened to chapter communication in my [USPS] mailbox?  As a reminder, you will not get as many USPS mailings regarding chapter activity: National policy allows us to Be Green in communications with our members, but, more importantly, it makes the process of communicating with each of you more economic – costing the chapter less, for paper mailings – so that we (meaning “you”, if you’d like to volunteer to help facilitate expenditures) can spend your hard-earned membership fees in other efforts that support your local, chapter organization in promotions, educational events, and keeping up-to-date with the ways local government affects your practice.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?  We LOVE that you are a Nevada chapter member!

Thank you for being kind and helping us be efficient and continuing to receive emails from “” – That’s Me: HI!

If you have any questions about your privacy, making changes to your email preferences, or receiving amta nevada chapter emails, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


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