– Summer 2020’s Surveys … and what our chapter-members said –

One of the great things about being an AMTA member in Nevada is that the national AMTA-organization supports the fair regulation and the forward-movement of the massage therapy profession in Nevada. The chapter moves ideas from our members forward through member-Surveys and presenting those Results in Public Comment at our Nevada State Massage Therapy Board meetings.

In 2020, there were a couple of issues and resolutions the chapter’s leadership team explored through surveying its members, regarding

a) moving the massage therapy profession in Nevada forward “as Healthcare”, and

b) the way the chapter operates regarding electing its leadership, in the future.

Outlined below are the Results of the Summer 2020’s Member Surveys and what they could mean for the AMTA Nevada Chapter’s members, the profession in Nevada, and the Nevada massage-receiving-Public:

a) Massage as Healthcare

The Chapter’s Board of Directors heard the Government Relations Committee present an idea of How massage therapy could be viewed – legally: Massage Therapy maintains its current method of regulation and is recognized by lawmakers, other healthcare professions, and the Public as a form of healthcare in Nevada…without a ‘medical’ classification. Massage Therapy included as a profession within NRS 629.031 (like Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Athletic Trainer, Music Therapist, etc) would make that possible. On July 23rd (& for 10 days), the Chapter asked its members this question:

“Would you support the profession of Massage Therapy in Nevada to be included in the category of “Provider of healthcare,” as described in and related to NRS 629 “Healing Arts Generally”?”


The chapter preceded the member-Survey with some background:

Currently, in NV:

  • Massage Therapy (MT) is a Personal Service;
  • An NVMT’s work may be billed using a [medical] NAICS Code, CPT Codes, and is recognized by the WHO (ref: ICHI Beta 3);
  • Recent events have restricted access of MT by patients/clients who would otherwise need MT to maintain their good health status;
  • The NSBMT’s requirement of “550 Education Hours” et al for eligibility to perform any type of MT (from relaxation to healthcare-related) applies to all Applicants, regardless of their intent for performing MT;

…all with the intent to either bring up to speed and/or put – in a contemporary-context – information that may have been helpful to our members in answering the survey-question.

Survey Results

2020 AMTA-NV Survey Results - Massage Therapy As Healthcare

There was an overwhelming number of Respondents. Of the 142 Respondents (13.4% of the 1056 Survey-invitations Sent), 98.6%, responded “Yes” to the chapter’s Question. Comments were added to 58 Yes-Responses, primarily indicating that massage therapy has health[care] benefits.


Nevada Chapter President, Elizabeth Benion, presented this information in an Open Letter to the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy on August 19th, 2020. She included a request for the Board to consider the process of moving the massage therapy profession forward as healthcare in Nevada. Check it out in the Chapter’s NSBMT Meeting Notes for 8/19/2020.

Stay tuned for more of this developing topic in our profession in Nevada.

b) Online Elections

For the first time, in 2020, the Nevada Chapter hosted online-only, chapter activities: leadership Elections, Annual Meeting, etc. The Chapter Board of Directors wanted to know if the members would continue to participate in Online Elections. They thought this method of conducting chapter-business for its members in the electronic age might be worth considering. The national AMTA organization also conducts its National Election and supports many state-chapters in conducting their Chapter Elections online already. On August 1st, they asked:

“Starting with (and continuing, annually) the 2022 Election for open chapter leadership positions, would you support Voting Online for your chapter leadership?”


The chapter preceded the 10-day member-Survey with some background:

Currently, in the Nevada Chapter:

  • Every year since 1999, the chapter holds a live-Election to fill its leadership Positions. The chapter holds the live Election during the chapter’s Annual Chapter Business Meeting at its Annual State Convention.
  • A President-appointed Commission on Candidacy accepts & vets Nominations and provides ballot material for use during the live-Election.
  • During the chapter’s 2020 Annual Elections, the membership elected their leadership through an online-Election process. The National AMTA Office guided all the chapters because of a pandemic that restricted live events.
  • The chapter’s Standing Rules do not allow regular, online-Election measures, only live-Election measures.
  • The Nevada Chapter Members need to change the Standing Rules by a majority-vote at the next Annual Chapter Business Meeting. This would change from live-Elections to online-Elections.

Survey Results

Summer 2020's Surveys : Results - AMTA-NV Chapter Online Elections

Of the 63 recorded Responses sent to 1056 Member-Recipients (6% Response-rate), 51 (81%) answered “Yes”. Thirteen (13) Respondents left Comments that elaborated on their Choice. The support for online-voting “Yes”es mostly favored “convenience” and “participation of all”, and a minority of the Comments expressed a live election is acceptable.

In order to change the way the Nevada Chapter members vote during Annual Elections, the Chapter needs to change its Standing Rules to reflect its Election practice.


As a result of this survey, the AMTA-Nevada Chapter Board of Directors has convened the Standing Rules Committee. The Committee is currently reviewing and redrafting Nevada’s Standing Rules to reflect Online Election procedures. The membership must pass the proposed, new Version of the Standing Rules in mid-2021. The new Standing Rules would become effective with 2022’s Annual Elections.

The AMTA Nevada Chapter Board of Directors thanks all participating members for their input into these Summer 2020’s surveys. Member-participation assists them in taking action to move the profession of massage therapy in Nevada forward.


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