Hi all, as this is the first time for me in this forum, I will start with some background.  My name is Billie Shea.  I am the chapter president for the AMTA Nevada Chapter.  I also serve on the NV State Board of Massage Therapists and on the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards as well as several other non-profit organizations, not all of which are related to massage..

The AMTA NV chapter is morphing.  Yep, that’s right folks: we are taking a good look at what we have done in the past and how we can make it better for our members in the future.  This blog is one step in that direction.  We encourage your participation and look forward to some great ideas coming from our members.

Many of us are business owners and learned how to run our business through a lot of hard work. What you didn’t know about your business, you went out and learned.  No one taught you how to get and keep good clients, or how to budget , or how to market, or how to beat the loneliness of trying to stay current on the 1001 things you need to be successful.

We hope to use this blog as a means to help out and support those efforts.  By coming together as a family of professionals, we grow in strength and get the support and information that we need to be successful.   We learn from each other and develop an information stream that keeps everyone connected to the community and changes that might affect our futures.

And that is not all….this blog will be a great venue to discuss our roles as professionals, promote our members successes and help to educate the public about the benefits of massage.  We have plans to revamp the way we offer education and to promote volunteerism in Nevada from our members…and to develop a stronger sense of community.   Over the next few weeks, you will be reading about some of these plans.  Check back often and consider getting involved.  We could really use the help.

We need you.  All of you and then some.  There are just over 4000 licensees in Nevada and only less than 500 of them are AMTA members.  We would like to see more people finding good reasons to join AMTA. We also know that we have to provide those reasons to join.  As a group, we are discussing how to make this chapter a valuable resource to you and to your success.   That is how we promote membership.    Help us out by mentioning to your friends what this organization means to you.  And if it doesn’t mean anything to you, let us know so we can take steps to improve.  But most of all, please promote membership.  Only through a strong membership can we afford to create opportunities for all of us to grow in our profession.

I look forward to meeting many of you at our next chapter meeting and at the annual meeting in June.

Happy Holidays to you all and our wishes for peace and security for you and your families.

Billie Shea, President




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